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Airush Wave V9 2020 Kite Airush

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Airush Wave V9 2020 Kite

Allround | Wave kite from Airush

The Airush Wave V9 is the dedicated wave kite developed by Airush. The Airush Wave is characterized by the very gradual build-up of power and a super good drift so that you can surf like a pro with the Airush Wave. At the bar, the Airush Wave has a good depower so that you can switch the Wave completely 'off' when you want to and you can fully focus on the wave. As you pull your bar you will feel the power build up gradually so that you can quickly ride to your next wave!

In addition to the Airush Wave V9 being a super nice kite for the dedicated directional kite surfer, the Wave 2020 is also very suitable as a freeride and beginner kite. This is partly due to the super fine power build-up and good depower, but also thanks to its fast relaunch. And a quick relaunch is very nice if you are just starting out.
The Airush Wave V9 has a three strut profile with a double ripstop fabric. A frame runs through the fabric of the Airush Wave 2020, which makes the Airush Wave extra strong without using a lot of heavy dacron. This makes the Airush Wave solid and lightweight at the same time. To further extend the life of the Airush Wave V9, important points are provided with extra protection such as on the struts.

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