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Bula BarBen Wilson

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Ben Wilson Bula Bar

Minimalistic bar with above the bar depower

Ben Wilson makes kitesurf gear dedicated to wave riding. So is the Bula Bar. The Bula bar is made in collaboration with R3 Designs. The Bula bar has, in contrast to the Ben Wilson Blue Chip bar, an above the depower trim system.

You can easily trim the bar because of the action roller so you can pull the depower without using a lot of strenght. The depower is secured by the cleat lock. The cleat lock has a handy velcro strip where you can attach the depower line to so that there is no long line tangeling around your bar when you are completely depowerd.

The minimalist design is also found in the 'all-in-one' center line, this way there is only one line through your bar. The center line has a 12mm diameter and is made of PU. The center line houses the flag out line and the power line. The integrated bar ends ensure that the lines are less likely to tangle around your bar during a wipe out.
Under the Ben Wison Bula bar there is a handy swivel to unwind your power lines.

The Ben Wilson Bula is available from the beginning of July.

  • Action Roller
  • Cleat Lock
  • 'All-In' Center line
  • Below the bar swivel
  • Above the bar depower
  • Interested bar floaters
  • 22 meters lines
  • With leash
  • Includes 3 pigtail sets so you can sail the bar on every SLE kite

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