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IC6 850 V2 HydrofoilF-One

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F-one IC6 850 V2 Hydrofoil

Allround hydrofoil made of injected carbon by F-one

F-one has a very extensive hydrofoil range for kite surfing. The F-one IC6 850 V2 hydrofoil mast with wings is the most all-round hydrofoil in the hydrofoil range. The IC6 is super accessible and has a lot of potential if you learn better and better hydrofoil kite surfing. If you're looking for your first hydrofoil, the IC6 850 is definitely a hydrofoil to consider. The IC6 850 has an easy take-off and feels very "smooth" in the air.

The wings of the F-one IC6 are made of a special type of carbon, namely injected carbon. This injected carbon is light but a lot stronger than a normal full carbon wing. The 850cm² front wing is designed to be as versatile as possible and gives you a nice combination of reasonably fast lift, a nice top speed and a lot of control at high speed. The front wing and rear wing are easily attached to the aluminum fuselage. The fuselage and mast are made of high quality aluminum. The mast has a standard mounting for a tracking system, but there are also other mounting pieces available such as a tuttlebox.

  • Allround | Freeride
  • IC6 850cm² front wing (1.09kg)
  • IC6 300cm² stabilizer
  • Aluminum fuselage (0.78kg)
  • Aluminum mast

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