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Linx Freestyle Bar F-One

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F-One Linx 2018 Freestyle Bar

5-lijns bar for the WTF!? kite

This year, F-One launched a completely new kite, the WTF!? This C-Kite is made for riders who want to become the best in freestyle and wakestyle. This Linx Freestyle bar has been designed for the WTF!? kite and offers insane control for freestyle orientated kiters. It"s equipped with all the features that you can expect. The Freestyle bar is adjustable in width from 35 to 42cm.

The beauty of this F-One bar is that it has a single line "flag out". This means the 5th line is activated when you release the kite. Because of this, the kite is only connected to your bar through the 5th line, so that all the power instantly goes out of the kite. Another new feature on the F-One Linx is the manual swivel at the top of the chickenloop and due to a stainless steel ring at the front lines, you can choose whether you want a low or high V split.

  • Freestyle kite bar
  • 5 lines
  • Single line "flag out" security system
  • Manual Swivel
  • Adjustable V
  • Adjustable in width
  • 35-42 cm

    F-One Linx 2018 Freestyle Bar

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