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Kite Sleeve Set Dyneema Complete Kitemana

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Kitemana Kite Sleeve Set Dyneema

Unfortunately, every line wears out after a while. For this reason, it could be nice to give them new sleeves. This makes the tips of your kite lines as good as new again. You can easily do this yourself if you know how to handle a sewing machine/needle and some thread. If you're not sure how to do this we will gladly help you out. Please contact us or come to our showroom. This Kite Sleeve Set is suitable for all bars and available in two thicknesses.

This line Sleeve Set is made of Sturdy Dyneema. Dyneema is a type of line which hardly ever stretches. This results in a very direct control of the kite with low air resistance. The set comes with one stainless steel sleeved needle of 50 cm, two white mantel strings of 40 cm, two white mantel strings with yellow dots of 40 cm and a detailed information sheet.

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