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Element Hydrofoil Levitaz Hydrofoils

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Levitaz Element Hydrofoil

Levitaz all-round kitesurf hydrofoil

The Levitaz Element is a classic all-round freeride hydrofoil for kite surfing. Within the foil range of Levitaz the Element can be placed between the Cruizer and the Aspect. One of the most characteristic features of the Levitaz Element is its maneuverability. Due to the low resistance of the hydrofoil you can make even the narrowest turns without losing speed. Upwind kitesurfing is no problem for the Element hydrofoil. The Levitaz Element has the perfect balance between accessibility, stability and maneuverability for the average hydrofoil kite surfer. The Levitaz Element is finished and made with the quality and craftsmanship that we are used to from Levitaz.

The Levitaz Element hydrofoil is available in two different options. The 80 centimeter hybrid carbon mast, where the mounting parts on the top and bottom of the mast are made of anodised aluminum. And a 96 centimeter full carbon mast. But you can also have the Element made in custom measurements to your own preferences by Levitaz, contact us for the customization. The front wing of the Element is made of full, high-quality carbon. The Element has an aspect ratio of 3.9 and a wing area of 679cm², this gives the Element your lift at a reasonably low speed but not as fast as the Cruizer. The wingspan of the Element is 501mm which makes the Element a lot more agile than the Cruizer. The fuselage of the Element is made of surgical steel and seamlessly connects the front wing and stabilizer. All wings of Levitaz are interchangeable on the same fuselage so if you want more speed or lift you can add a Cruizer or Aspect to your hydrofoil kitesurf set. The Levitaz Element comes with neat protective covers so that you can always safely transport the hydrofoil to your favorite kite spot.

With the Levitaz Element you will enjoy a lot of fun on days with little wind. If you can already hydrofoil a little, this hydrofoil offers the combination between maneuverability and speed. A true freeride all-round hydrofoil from Levitaz with an insanely good quality!

  • All-round freeride
  • Agile
  • Carbon or hybrid mast
  • Different mast lengths
  • Carbon front and rear wing
  • Aspect ratio 3.9
  • Span 501mm
  • Lift speed 10.5 knts
  • Front wing surface 679cm²
  • Surgical steel fuselage
  • Interchangeable wings
  • Including protective covers

    Levitaz Element hydrofoil kitesurf

    Levitaz Element hydrofoil kitesurf

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