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T35 Carbon Foilboard Moses Hydrofoil

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Moses T35 Carbon Hydrofoil Kiteboard

Small, light kiteboard for the advanced kite surfer

If you are a bit of an advanced hydrofoil kitesurfer, you naturally want to push the limits. Therefore, everything should be as light and small as possible. This Moses T35 Carbon hydrofoil kiteboard is what you want. The T35 carbon Moses foil board is only 108 centimeters long, 45.5 centimeters wide and 4 centimeters thick. All in all, the T35 hydrofoil board knows about 2.35 kilos and has a volume of 13.5 liters. On the top of the T35 is a full deckpad so you have good grip at all times. You can ride the hydrofoilboard with and without straps because of the strap inserts that are made in the board. Straps are supplied with the Moses T35 for the speed devils among us. With the double rail (tracking) system you can attach almost any foil to the Moses T35.
The well-known Moses hydrofoilboards and hydrofoils are now branded with a SabHydrofoil logo. This is the manufacturer of the Moses foils. Everything remains the same, only the logo has changed.

  • Allround freeride
  • Full carbon
  • Tracking system
  • Full deck pad
  • Inserts for straps

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