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Majestic X 2021 Harness Mystic

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Mystic Majestic X 2021 Carbon Harness

Super stiff carbon hardshell harness from Mystic

The Mystic Majestic X has been one of the very best and most comfortable harnesses on the market for years. The Majestic X harness is a no brainer for almost all Mystic team riders, because the Majestic X gives you the most back support out of all Mystic harnesses. The support comes from the carbon plate in the back of the Mystic Majestic X 2021. Because this plate is super stiff, you can use a large area of your back to manage de power of your kite. Because you can use a large part of your back to absorb the power of your kite, you increase your high end and you can kite longer without getting a tired back.
Another advantage of the Mystic Majestic X 2021 is that the harness pulls not that much to the inside. With a softshell harness, the harness can pull in annoyingly hard at your hips in strong winds. Because the Mystic Majestic X 2021 has a stiff carbon Bionic Core Frame shell, it is pulled less to the inside because of the force of your kite.

Central to the Majestic X 2021 harness is the carbon plate in the back. But only a carbon plate is of course not that comfortable. That is why Mystic has provided the carbon plate of the Majestic X 2021 with soft neoprene edges with Knitflex +. The inside also has a soft neoprene padding.
New to the Majestic X 2021 are the sides of the harness. This year these are made of a non-water absorbent Flexagon Drytech. This material is thinner and stiffer than normal neoprene and therefore does not fold under your spreader bar, giving the Majestic X 2021 an even better fit than previous years. In addition, the new Mystic Majestic X 2021 has four new super cool designs, so there is always a Majestic X 2021 to fit your style.

  • Cabron hardshell harness
  • Bionic Core Frame
  • New Flexagon Drytech sides
  • New safety knife pocket
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Knitflex +
  • Four new designs

    Mystic Majestic X 2021 Carbon harness

  • Harness Size Indicator Mystic Men

    Size US Size EU Waist in cm
    XXS 36 - 38 66 - 71
    XS 40 - 42 67 - 77
    S 44 - 46 75 - 84
    M 48 - 50 82 - 91
    L 50 - 52 89 - 96
    XL 54 - 56 94 - 104
    XXL 56 - 58 102 - 114

    Note: not all harnesses are available in all sizes. The sizechart is an indication, sizes may vary due to personal preferences
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