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A Nasa Wing is a outstanding kite which you can fly in low wind on the beach. You can easily practice your kite handling skills with the NasaWing befour you are going to use a real tube kitesurfing kite. If you hav any questions you can contact us!


Kite Größe

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$ 74.58
Line Set
Line SetNasaWing
$ 44.73
Wrist Straps
Wrist StrapsNasaWing
$ 9.90
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NasaWing trainer kite

Before you can start operating a Tube Kite, it is useful to fly a kite for a while to get the feeling. For this the Nasa Wing is a perfect solution. This Nasa Wing kite does not need to be pumped up and will not generate as much power as a tube kite. Because of this you will not be punished as quickly. DeNasa wing sends quickly and immediately. This allows you to get used to the feeling of a kite. If the wind blows a little bit harder than you feel nice strength in the kite! Super fun and still get used to the strength of a kite.