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Simulator 2018 Foil Starter Set 10 out of 10 1 user reviews.
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Slingshot Simulator Beginner Foil Set

Affordable foil starter kit

If you are looking for an accessible foil beginner set, be sure to check out this Simulator Foil kit from Slinghsot! This beginners foil set consists a softtop foil kiteboard and the famous NF2 foil. An affordable set that allows you to master the Foilen in a short time. The Simulator has a thick EVA layer padding. Thanks to this Soft top you will end up on the board less hard so you will be punished less if you make a mistake.

The user-friendly Simulator is designed for an easy start and fast progression. While you are trying to foil for the first time and experience the first crashes, you will quickly appreciate the soft top. This board is also a bit longer so that it offers more buoyancy and will not nose dive. Once you have moved beyond the first learning curve, the Simulator remains a fun freeride board that you can use to practice transitions and try even more tricks. The soft top and extra volume will come in handy at every stage of your progression.

The NF2 foil that comes with this set is Slingshot's most versatile foil. This is just like the Simulator perfectly suited for learning. The Foil offers a lot of stability and all-round performance. It can take a beating thanks to the powerful aluminum and comes in three pieces for easy transport.

  • Slingshot Foil Starter set
  • Soft EVA foam covers the entire deck and rails
  • Learn with more confidence
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Versatile use - ideal for kite foiling, surfing and wakesurfing
  • EVA wrap protects you and your board
  • Long length for extra stability and helps prevent nose diving
  • Mast + hull height: 93cm
  • Total weight: 5.2 kg
  • Complete for € 999,-
  • Now with bag for € 1049,-

    Slingshot Simulator Beginner Foil Set

  • Simulator 2018 Foil Starter Set Rating: 10 out of 10 Thom 2019-05-03
    3 May 2019 on 08:36

    Stoked to fly over the water for the first time, easy going foil.

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