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Brunotti is a kitesurfing brand that has been producing beautiful accessories for kitesurfing for years. A well-established Dutch surf brand that has become known in the kitesurfing world by making beautiful harnesses, wetsuits and kiteboards. Brunotti has a large line of twintip kiteboards, surfboards and a hydrofoil. In addition, Brunotti makes various different neoprene items such as wetsuits, shoes, caps and gloves. Brunotti stands for adventure and the surf lifestyle. We have the entire collection of Brunotti Kiteboarding online. Do you have a question about Brunotti kiteboards or accessories? Call or email us! Read more. »



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Gravity Pro Pads 2022
Gravity Pro Pads 2022Brunotti
Defence Trapez
Defence TrapezBrunotti
Grab Handle
Grab HandleBrunotti
Kite Leinenmesser Uni
Kite Leinenmesser UniBrunotti
Screw set
Screw setBrunotti
Dimension 2021 Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Handle Pass Leash wave
Handle Pass Leash waveBrunotti
Neo Impact Vest 2022
Neo Impact Vest 2022Brunotti
Poncho Uni
Poncho UniBrunotti
Youri Pro 2021 Kiteboard
Youri Pro 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
699.00 €559.00
Defence Kite Wake Boardbag
Defence Kite Wake BoardbagBrunotti
Fusion 2020 Kiteboard
Fusion 2020 KiteboardBrunotti
899.00 €449.00
Handle Pass leash
Handle Pass leashBrunotti
Helium Round Toe  5/4mm Neoprenschuh
Helium Round Toe 5/4mm NeoprenschuhBrunotti
Poncho AO
Poncho AOBrunotti
Pro X 2022 Kiteboard
Pro X 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
Glow 3/2 Longarm Shorty Women Neoprenanzug
Glow 3/2 Longarm Shorty Women NeoprenanzugBrunotti
Glow 5/3 Frontzip Women 2022 Wetsuit
Glow 5/3 Frontzip Women 2022 WetsuitBrunotti
Gravity 5/3 Frontzip 2022 Wetsuit
Gravity 5/3 Frontzip 2022 WetsuitBrunotti
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Buy Brunotti Kite accessories and boards Online

Brunotti is a kitesurfing brand with products all around kitesurfing. From Brunotti kiteboards to boardbags and Brunotti surf boots to Brunotti wetsuits. Brunotti's kitesurfing products are of good quality and designed to keep you on the water for as long and as comfortable as possible. On this page you will find an overview of Brunotti's kitesurfing products and a description of the Brunotti brand. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Brunotti Kitesurfing History

    Brunotti is an international board sport and lifestyle brand popular among all extreme sportsmen such as windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing and snowboarding. Brunotti started in 1979 and has been present for decades in the extreme sport in which Brunotti has grown from a national windsurf brand to a world-renowned sports brand.

    Brunotti was founded in 1979 by windsurfer and board shaper Claudio Brunotti. Claudio Brunotti is an Italian who came to the Dutch coast to windsurf, Scheveningen to be precise. The Dutch coast is not known for its beauty, but because of the perfect conditions for windsurfing at that time. Claudio Brunotti made his own windsurfboards and sold them in the vicinity of Scheveningen. During the time that Claudio Brunotti stayed in Scheveningen, the beaches looked white from the windsurf boards. In 1983, the world windsurfing championships were held in Scheveningen, where 100,000 people came to see those races in those days. This gave positive boots to the sale of Brunotti his windsurfing boards. Besides windsurfing boards, Brunotti went on to sell T-shirts that quickly became collectors items and the clothing branch of Brunotti was born. In 1990, Claudio started producing and selling Brunotti winter sports clothing.
    It was in 1997 that Claudio Brunotti gave the shaping and design of the boards to the Dutchman Jinne Sietsma, a real Scheveningen local surfer. Jinne had learned all ins and outs from Brunotti about shaping boards and was the right person to take over shaping. Claudio himself left for Italy again. Jinne saw the potential of kitesurfing and in 1997 was the one who shaped and produced the first kiteboard for Brunotti, Brunotti Kiteboarding was a fact. For Brunotti it is important that the products fulfil the needs of the athlete. That is why Brunotti has had an RDP line since 2005. RDP stands for Rider Developed Product. These technical products have all the features and characteristics that you want to have as a kite surfer, windsurfer or snowboarder in your wetsuit, harness or other accessory. Nowadays, Brunotti has grown into a global company that sells in 38 countries with 50 employees worldwide. The head office of Brunotti is in the Netherlands, Amersfoort. Since 2017 Brunotti also has an office in Scheveningen to work as close to the water and the history of Brunotti itself.

    Buy Brunotti Kiteboard

    Brunotti has been making kiteboards since 1997. Jinne Sietsma is the most important kiteboard shaper at Brunotti. When designing the kiteboards, they work directly with world-class kite surfers such as Youri Zoon to make the world class boards. Brunotti Kiteboards come in many different models. For years the Brunotti kiteboards have been bringing riders to the top of the world rankings. The boards are made with passion and offer a great quality for a wide group of kiters. The twintips are divided into a number of different models, to fit everyone. The Brunotti Youri Pro is the most hardcore version of all Brunotti Kiteboards. This is named after the riding style of Youri Zoon and that is reflected in the amount of pop and speed in the board. Other well-known model boards are the Onyx, Riptide and Dimension. If you prefer to be on the water first, then the Early beard is awesome for the days when it just does not blow enough! For kids, the kitesurfing brand has even developed a special Blast to make kitesurfing fun for children. All in all a wide and versatile kiteboard rande, with for everyone a suitable model kiteboard. Click here to view all the kiteboards from Brunotti.

    Buy Brunotti Directional

    Most kiters know that Brunotti has its origins in windsurfing and wave surfboards. It is of course not surprising that Brunotti produces awesome kiteboards! Thanks to the years of development of the brand and more than 25 years of experience of boardshaper Jinne Sietsema, Bruntti makes surfboards of top quality and with excellent riding characteristics. In the field of surfboards, Brunotti distinguishes between softtop kitesurfboard or epoxy surfboards. The Softtop boards such as the S-Byron, S-Brymm or Brutus have a soft top layer which makes them feel comfortable. In addition, they are nice and strong and it does not hurt so much when you hit your head against the board. The other surfboards from Brunotti's wave series are made of Epoxy and are designed to handle the most rugged conditions. Suitable for novice and pro waverider.

    Buy Brunotti Wetsuits

    For years Brunotti has been developing excellent wetsuits that keep you nice and warm during kitesurfing. Take for example the Brunotti Bravery! This wetsuit is made from Motion X Neoprene and super flexible. In addition to motion X neoprene, it has a haloflex chest and back panel to keep you even warmer. The Brunotti wetsuits are of the best quality and very suitable for kitesurfing in all conditions throughout the year. Want more information about Brunotti kiteboards, wetsuits or harnesses? Call or email us.

    Buy Brunotti Kitesurf Harness

    In addition to wetsuits, Brunotti also makes high-quality kite trapezes. The Smarshell Trapeze by Brunotti is super lightweight and has a semi hard shell. This gives it a wonderful support in the back and connects nicely to the body. By removing all the excess dust only the much needed remains. The smartshell trapeze by Brunotti also comes in a special Youri Son variant.

    Brunotti Kitesurf Shop Online

    At us, Kitemana, you can find everything from Brunotti that you can use for kitesurfing. Wetsuits, harnesses, boardbags and neoprene accessories we have everything. If you have questions about the Brunotti articles on our website or is it a Brunotti article you are not looking for not our website? Then you can always contact us by phone, email WhatsApp or visit our kiteshop.