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Whip SLS 2022 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Whip SLS 2022 Surfboard

High performance surfboard from Duotone

The Duotone Whip SLS 2022 has had a major update this year. The Whip has a narrower nose circumference, bump-squash tail template, raised nose rocker, high performance rails and a completely new volume distribution. It's a lot of changes and you can feel it too back in the surfboard. The surfboard feels much more controlled, more predictable and provides a clear performance advantage. The surfboard rotates in a much smaller radius than ever before. Lovely tight top and bottom turns, the Whip 2022 makes it possible.

The Whip SLS 2022 has the well-known SLS construction from Duotone. The big difference is that with the SLS construction uses Innegra instead of fiberglass. innegra ensures that the surfboard's dent resistance is significantly increased improved. Another great advantage of Innegra is that its incredibly light. The surfboard feels much more predictable and direct thanks to the SLS construction. A cork shock absorption 2.0 has also been applied as a damper underneath the heels to avoid dents in that area.

The Whip is ideal for riders who see strapless surfing and freestyle as a whole. On the way to besides some great freestyle tricks and tight bottom turns on the way back. If you want to jump you will find that thanks to the responsive flex the surfboard pops super well and is easy to control in the air thanks to the grab rails and the compact shape. The Whip is the ideal one-quiver surfboard for the rider who wants a little bit of everything.

  • High performance board for small waves or freestyle
  • Compacte surf shape
  • SLS-constructie
  • Kurk schok absorptie 2.0
  • Grab rails
  • Innegra schild
  • Goede pop voor strapless freestyle
  • Snappy top turns
  • 4"9" X 17 1/4" X 1 29/32"x 16.9L x 40-60kg
  • 4"11" X 17 3/4" X 2" x 18.7L x 50-70kg
  • 5"1" 18 1/4" X 2 1/8" x 21.1L x 55-75kg
  • 5"3" X 18 3/4" X 2 1/4" x 23.7L x 70-90kg
  • 5"5" X 19 1/4" X 2 3/8" x 26.5L x >85kg
  • Duotone Whip SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Whip SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Whip SLS 2022 Surfboard

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