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Looking for a good kite or kiteboard deal? Kitemana always has the best kite deals. The kitesurf sale usually runs on kites, boards, and accessories from previous years. In addition to the latest kites, boards, and accessories, we also offer old kites and boards for a very competitive price. This perennial kite gear is just as good as new, but more attractive for your wallet. We understand that kite surfing ain't the cheapest hobby but we try to make kiting as attractive as possible for everyone. Our sale never ends, although the products change over the year, but check our webshop often, because when a product is out of stock it won't come back in stock. Want to know more about the sale? Read more.



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Apex 2020 Bindung
Apex 2020 BindungNaish
195.00 €175.00
Bravo 5/3 Frontzip Neoprenanzug
Bravo 5/3 Frontzip NeoprenanzugBrunotti
299.00 €99.00
Drive 2020 Kiteboard
Drive 2020 KiteboardNaish
849.00 €499.00
Majestic 5/3 Backzip 2020 Neoprenanzug
Majestic 5/3 Backzip 2020 NeoprenanzugMystic
369.00 €295.00
Marshall 3/2 Backzip 2020 Neoprenanzug
Marshall 3/2 Backzip 2020 NeoprenanzugMystic
249.00 €149.00
Bandit-S 2020 Kite
Bandit-S 2020 KiteF-One
1299.00 €839.00
KevPro 2020 Kiteboard
KevPro 2020 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
749.00 €499.00
Orbit 2020 Kite
Orbit 2020 KiteNorth
1089.00 €649.00
Pulse 2020 Kite
Pulse 2020 KiteNorth
1099.00 €719.00
Hero 2020 Kiteboard
Hero 2020 KiteboardNaish
499.00 €299.00
Neopren Winter Set
Neopren Winter SetMystic
117.90 €109.90
Buster 2020 Kiteboard
Buster 2020 KiteboardBrunotti
599.00 €359.00
Gravity 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Neoprenanzug
Gravity 5/3 Frontzip 2020 NeoprenanzugBrunotti
349.00 €299.00
Majestic X 2020 Trapez
Majestic X 2020 TrapezMystic
349.00 €279.00
Mono 2020 Kite
Mono 2020 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1179.00 €759.00
PF-1 6/4 Natureprene Frontzip 2021 Neoprenanzug
PF-1 6/4 Natureprene Frontzip 2021 NeoprenanzugProlimit
399.00 €279.00
Raider 5/3 Backzip Neoprenanzug
Raider 5/3 Backzip NeoprenanzugProlimit
189.00 €149.00
Atmos Hybrid 2021 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2021 KiteboardNorth
679.00 €509.00
Boxer 2021 Kite
Boxer 2021 KiteNaish
1549.00 €999.00
Glow 5/4 Frontzip Neoprenanzug
Glow 5/4 Frontzip NeoprenanzugBrunotti
-19 - 154 ab 174Produkte pro Seite

Buy older kite models

Have you just finished your kite lessons or don't want to borrow the kite gear from a friend anymore, but ain't got a big budget? Then you might want to consider getting yourself an older kite model. These kites are completely new and offer you all the advantages of a new kite. The kites are reliable, safe and will last for years. Also when you buy a secondhand kite you don't always know how well the owner has dealt with the kite.

Every year kite brands release new kite models on the market. This keeps the market fresh and allows the kite sport to grow. This constant flow of new kites each year is a great opportunity to purchase an older model. When purchasing an outdated model, pay attention to a number of important aspects. Not all kites fit all bars. So make sure you have the right bar for the selected kite. We usually explain in the info section which bars go well with the kite. When you're not sure or got another question, don't hesitate and contact us.

Kiteboard sale

We also have a lot of kiteboards in the sale. Fresh new kiteboards, but from last year or the year before. Brands continue to develop and keep improving their kiteboards every year. Yet this does not necessarily mean that these perennial kiteboards are not state-of-the-art. We give you a big discount on twintips and waveride surfboards from previous years. Whether you like freeriding, freestyle or surfing, we always have a suitable board for your style with a good discount.

Kitesurfing doesn't have to be a super expensive hobby. Kitemana has kite deals from all A-brands. Unlike many other shops, we sell all the brands available on the market. Which offers you a wide variety of choice and increases the chance you find a good deal. We have kite surf deals from North, F-One, Best, Airush, Cabrinha, Naish, Slingshot, Mystic, WOO, Brunotti, NP. Would you like a customized deal, please call or send us an email.

⚡Kite Flash Sale ends 9/8/21 code: FLASH10