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The Reedin twintip and directional kiteboards are designed by world champion Kevin Langeree and the talented kitesurf designer Damien Girardin. Reedin's surf and kiteboards are available for kite surfers of all levels. From King of the Air champions to novice kite surfers. All twintips and directional surfboards from Reedin kiteboarding are made in Europe, so that the highest possible quality is guaranteed. We have all Reedin kiteboards on stock. Do you have questions about a Reedin kiteboard or do you want to know which kiteboard is best for you? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Read more about Reedin's kiteboards here. »

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Super-E 2020 Kiteboard
Super-E 2020 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2021 Kiteboard
KevPro 2021 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
769.00 €579.00
Super E 2022 Kiteboard
Super E 2022 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2020 Kiteboard B-Ware
KevPro 2020 Kiteboard B-WareReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2022 Kiteboard
KevPro 2022 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
No Brainer Kiteboard
No Brainer KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
1149.00 €799.00
No Brainer V2 Surfboard
No Brainer V2 SurfboardReedin Kiteboarding
Super E 2021 Kiteboard
Super E 2021 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
Super Wave Surfboard
Super Wave SurfboardReedin Kiteboarding
Super Wave V2 Surfboard
Super Wave V2 SurfboardReedin Kiteboarding
-19 - -10 ab 10Produkte pro Seite

Buy Reedin Kiteboarding Kiteboard or Directional Online

The full line of Reedin kiteboards, both twintip and directional, are available online and in-store at Kitemana. The kiteboards are designed and tested by world kite surfing champion Kevin Langeree. The first line of twintips consists of a Reedin KevPro and a Reedin Super-E twintip kiteboard. The first two directional surfboards from Reedin are the No Brainer and Super Wave surfboards. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:
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    Reedin Twintip Kiteboards

    The current Reedin twintip kiteboard range consists of two models of kiteboards: the Reedin Kevpro and the Reedin Super-E. The two kiteboards are very similar, but they are very different on the inside. One for the super fast, demanding big air kiteboarder. The other for the comfortable cruizer who wants to break his height records.

    Reedin KevPro Twintip Kiteboard

    The Reedin KevPro twintip kiteboard is for the high performance kite surfer. The KevPro kiteboard gives you very good grip and control. The kiteboard feels super direct and is made stiff by a double carbon stringer. In the bottom profile you will find a full concave. The tips contain fine channels for grip at your take-off, the rail has a rail channel built in for grip at all times. Interested in the Reedin KevPro kiteboard? Read all about the Reedin KevPro here.

    Reedin Super-E Twintip Kiteboard

    The Reedin Super-E is Reedin's friendlier and slightly less high performance kiteboard. That's because Reedin's Super-E has no carbon stringers. This gives the Super E more flex and makes the Super E more comfortable than the KevPro. It does slow down the Super E slightly in speed and response. In addition, the outline and shape are the same. So the same concave, tip channels and rail channel as the KevPro kiteboard. Read the full description of the Reedin Super-E kiteboard here.

    Click here for the full overview of Reedin twintp kiteboards.

    Reedin Directional Surfboard

    For the kite surfers who prefer to play with the waves all day, Reedin has made two super cool surfboards. Kevin himself is a fanatic waverider so he has developed various kitesurfing styles surfboards that everyone can use. The two boards have been given the names: No Brainer and the Super wave.

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard Directional

    The No Brainer from Reedin is a super easy surfboard for all conditions. The only surfboard you need. The No Brainer is suitable for strapless freestyle, surf and low wind kitesurfing. The unique rocker line is divided into two parts so that you get different characteristics from the No Brainer with different stances. The No Brainer from Reedin is so all-round that everyone can rip waves with the No Brainer. Advanced and novice kite surfer. You can read the full product description of the Reedin No Brainer here.

    Reedin Super Wave Surfboard Directional

    If you like real waves, style, power and hollow, the Reedin Super Wave is your ideal surfboard. The dedicated surfboard shape lets you rip those waves! The Super Wave is fast, agile and stable at high speed. The trusther fin setup gives you the best maneuverability. Do you want to read more about the Reedin Super Wave? Click here to go to the full product description of the Reedin Super Wave.

    Reedin Kiteboarding Kiteboard Shop

    Kitemana is a proud official dealer of all Reedin kitesurf gear. At Kitemana you can find all kites, kiteboards, bars and more from Reedin. You can order the Reedin kitesurfing gear online or visit us at the Megastore in Noordwijk. Do you have questions about the Reedin kites, kiteboards, surfboards, bars or anything else? Please contact us.

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