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Kiteboard Slingshot

Slingshot is porbably the brand with the most world champions on its name. It is therefore self-evident that the Slingshot kiteboards, directionals and hydrofoils are of world class. The quality of the Slingshot kiteboards is amazing and with the awesome designs of the boards you have a true work of art under your feet. Slingshot has designed a twintip or directional surfboard for every level of kitesurfer. From wakestyle to big air and strapless freestyle Slingshot has it! Slingshot is one of the leading brands in the hydrofoil market. As one of the first brands, Slingshot started on the hydrofoiling, as a result of which the hydrofoils of Slingshot have already undergone a major development. View here our wide range of Slingshot kiteboards, surfboards and hydrofoils. Is your favorite Slingshot board not listed or is it a question about one of the Slingshot kiteboards? Please contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. Read more. »

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Alien Air V4 2022 Foil Kiteboard
Alien Air V4 2022 Foil KiteboardSlingshot
Asylum V5 Kiteboard
Asylum V5 KiteboardSlingshot
Celero XR 2021 Directional Kiteboard
Celero XR 2021 Directional KiteboardSlingshot
Luna V1 2021 Kiteboard
Luna V1 2021 KiteboardSlingshot
Misfit V10 2022 Kiteboard
Misfit V10 2022 KiteboardSlingshot
Mixer XR 2021 Surfboard
Mixer XR 2021 SurfboardSlingshot
Sci-Fly XR 2021 Surfboard
Sci-Fly XR 2021 SurfboardSlingshot
Super Natural V1 2021 Kiteboard
Super Natural V1 2021 KiteboardSlingshot
Tyrant XR 2021 Surfboard
Tyrant XR 2021 SurfboardSlingshot
Tyrant 2019 Directional Surfboard
Tyrant 2019 Directional SurfboardSlingshot
999.00 €999.00
Tyrant 2020 Surfboard
Tyrant 2020 SurfboardSlingshot
999.00 €999.00
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Slingshot has a large range of kiteboards, surfboards and hydrofoils. That makes it difficult to make your choice. Because which board suits you best, your kitesurfing level and kitesurfing style? Below are all twintip kiteboards, directional surfboards and hydorfoils from Slingshot briefly described with a handy link to the full description of the kiteboard. So you quickly have an overview of the boards and you can easily choose the perfect kiteboard that suits you. If you have a question about one of the boards or want to hear our advice, you can always contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. With the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Slingshot Kiteboarding kiteboard twintips

    The twintip is the most popular kiteboard among kite surfers. The twintip is easy to ride and you can go back and forth on one side. With the twintip kiteboard you can go up wind and make high jumps. The twintip is also the best kiteboard for freestyle. The twintips from Slingshot are made for all kitesurfing styles and kitesurfing levels. From beginner to pro and from wakestyle to freeride. Below are the twintip kiteboards of Slingshot briefly described with a link to the Slingshot kiteboard for the complete description.

    Slingshot Asylum kiteboard

    The Slingshot Asylum is the choice of world champion freestyle Carlos Mario. The Asylum is a mix of a wakestyle and freestyle kiteboard. With the big rocker in the Asylum you have exactly what you need for freestyle tricks, soft landings and a super smooth ride through choppy water. The thick channels in the tips and at the bottom of the Slingshot Asylum give you grip at all times. No matter how fast you ride and how powerful you take off is, the Asylum has grip! The Dura Glide sliderbase protects your board against kickers, sliders and rails. Read the full product description of the Slingshot Asylum here.

    Slingshot Refraction kiteboard

    The Slingshot Refraction is built for the wakestyle kitesurfer. Thick pop, tricks about kickers, sliders as long as possible, nothing is the Slingshot Refraction to crazy. With the Dura Glide slider base, the Refraction can take a beating. The Refraction is stiff for kite surfers who love to ride with aggressiveness. Your landings are soft by the rocker. The Refraction can also take you to the cable park once on a day when there is no wind. The channels in the tip and the tail make it possible for you to super hard for your trick without losing your grip and edge. Check out the extensive product description of the Slingshot Refraction here.

    Slingshot Misfit kiteboard

    The Slingshot Misfit is a kiteboard for the all-round kitesurfer and well suited for beginners. The Misfit performs in all conditions. Upwind is not a problem with the Misfit this is due to the fairly flat rocker. The Misfit feels lively and gives you a good pop if you want to go into the air. The Slingshot Misfit has a wooden core in combination with Koroyd the board is light with a nice flex for a comfortable character. You can read the detailed description of the Slingshot Misfit here.

    Slingshot Karolina Pro kiteboard

    Karolina Winkowska is three times world champion freestyle kitesurfing. Slingshot has given her the freedom to design her own board. A high performance freestyle women kiteboard: the Karolina Pro. For ladies who only settle for the best. With the Karolina Pro you can edge nicely, as it were, load and release your pop for gigantic height. The landings with the Karolina Pro are soft and with a lot of control. In the tips and the tail of the board are channels so you have a lot of grip at your edge. Everything about the Slingshot Karolina Pro can be read here.

    Slingshot Vison kiteboard

    The all-rounder among the kiteboards. Just like a jeep can drive over any terrain, the Slingshot Vision can ride in all conditions that the sea has to offer. The Vision is meant for average to advanced kitesufers who always want to be able to tackle the same kiteboard that you can always confidently ride. The medium rocker profile is crazy for freestyle and freeride without compromising on open water performance. Because of the wooden core, the Vison has a playful feel with a fine flex. The channels in the Vison are cut into the board with a lazer for extra grip, speed and pop.

    Slingshot Crisis kiteboard

    The Slingshot Crisis is a nice beginner board with which you can quickly get in plane and can easily go upwind. Slingshot has succeeded in this by flat rocker and soft flex in the design of the Slingshot Crisis. The playful wooden core provides enough pop for your first jumps, for example.

    Slingshot Formula kiteboard

    The Slingshot Formula is a high performance board with outstanding features. With the Formula you can ride super smooth over the water. The kiteboard has a double concave that allows you to ride smoothly and have buttery soft landings even after high jumps or kiteloops. The Formula is made of carbon, which makes the kiteboard super strong and as light as a feather. In addition, the Formula has explosive pop. Read the full product description of the Slingshot Formula here.

    Slingshot Luna kiteboard

    The Luna shares the same shape and outline as the famous Misfit, but has been optimized and developed for the smaller, lighter kiter. It is an easy entry-level board for beginners, but the Luna is also a good board to make a lot of progress on. The narrow outline of the Luna ensures that you can sail well and makes it easier to edge. On this forgiving and performance-oriented twin tip for the light riders, you can practice your first back rolls and board-offs, or even unhook for the first time! Read the full product description of the Slingshot Luna here.

    Slingshot Natural kiteboard

    The Slingshot Super Natural is a mutated hybrid twin tip suitable for both wave and big-air riding. Thanks to the nose and tail design, the Super Natural kiteboard excels in choppy conditions when you're looking for extra grip, in flat water when you want to boost high or in waves where the Super Natural V1 cuts nicely. This hybrid twin tip is one of the most progressive and versatile shapes Slingshot has ever made. The Super Natural makes board-off tricks and boosting, also known as jumping, easier and above all more fun than ever before. Kiting in the surf and high waves is also transformed into a real ocean skate park experience. Read the full product description of the Slingshot Natural here.

    Slingshot Kiteboarding kitesurf directional surfboard

    Matt Gustafsen is one of the designers and testers of the directional surfboards of Slingshot. He says that mission regarding the surf surfboards of Slingshot has always been freeriding. Whether you are exploring a reef, a pointbreak or a cluttered shore break. The directional surfboards from Slingshot are made for it. For every level, for every break and every surf style. Below are the surfboards of Slingshot briefly described with the corresponding riding style and kitesurfing level to make you the best possible choice. For questions and advice about the Slingshot surfboards you can always contact us.

    Slingshot Mixer directional surfboard

    The Slingshot Mixer has it all. The choice if you like a nice down the line wave. The Mixer is, as it were, a mix of all Slingshot surfboards. The best parts and techniques of the other surfboards mixed in one shaker and the result is the Slingshot Mixer. The Mixer can be used in small messy waves to large swell. A high performance quad vin setup with a double wing round tail and a quad concave bottom. The Mixer is ready to fill the gap between the classic short board feeling of the Celero and the fast down the line performance of the Tyrant. . Read the detailed description of the Slingshot Mixer here.

    Slingshot Angry Swallow directional surfboard

    With the Slingshot Angry Swallow you make a party every day. For the Angry Swallow it is no problem to kite upwind. The Angry Swallow is the surfboard with the most volume in the lineup with a stump nose and parallel outline for agility and a compact surfboard. The Angry Swallow is a nice board to practice the beginning of surfboard kitesurfing in the messy surf. On flat water you can use the Angry Swallow super for strapless freestyle. You can read the detailed description of the Slingshot Angry Swallow here.

    Slingshot Celero FR directional surfboard

    The Slingshot Celero will quickly become your favorite surfboard. The Celero you never gets boring, performance in every condition. Comfortable, reliable and versatile. The most popular surfboard of Slingshot. Suitable for every kitesurf level and every condition. The classic surfboard shape has a familiar feel for every surfer. With the Celero you do not need another surfboard anymore. All round performance with fast snappy turns. Read the detailed description of the Slingshot Celero here

    Slingshot Screamer directional surfboard The Slingshot Screamer is a beast that makes you scream of happiness: YEAH! A favorite of Slingshot when it comes to rough conditions such as strong winds, a lot of currents, high waves and downwinders. The Screamer is a high performance all-round board. The modern shape is made for speed and agility. Made for the surfboard kitesurfers who love aggressive sailing with a locked in feeling. Check the entire description of the Slingshot Screamer.

    Slingshot Tyrant directional surfboard. The Slingshot Tyrant is a serious surfboard with a classic surfboard shape. The Tyrant goes like a mad downt the line with convincing carves with gigantic spray. A surfboard for the advanced surfing kitesurfer with an aggressive style. A trustee setup for agility and grip. All information about the Slingshot Tyrant can be read here.

    Slingshot Kiteboarding kitesurf hydrofoil

    Slingshot is a forerunner within the large kite brands in the field of hyrdofoil kite surfing. Soon Slingshot saw the potential of this new branch of the kitesurfing sport. Slingshot quickly started developing hydrofoils especially for kite surfing. Because of this, Slingshot has been ahead of the other kitesurf brands for a number of years.

    Slingshot Hover Glide F kite hydrofoil set

    The very finest entry foil for a nice price. The Hover Glide Fkite has a large surface through which the water comes out quickly, even with little wind. The top speed is not too high so you can ride above the water with a lot of confidence and you can make your first turns. Suitable for beginners to advanced hydrofoilers who love freeride, golf foiling and a fun session. Read the full description of the Slingshot Hover Glide Fkite hydrofoil set here.

    Slingshot Dwarf Craft hydrofoil kiteboard

    The Slingshot Dwarf Craft is like a flying carpet. Flying over the water. Available in two sizes a 3'6 and 4'6. The small size is super nice if you are already more advanced. Less weight and super agile. The large size is a good board to learn hydrofoil kitesurfing with a bend upwards in the nose to ensure that you do not quickly bite into the water and volume to easily ride on the water if you are not so confident on the wing. Read the full description of the Slingshot Dwarf Craft here.

    Slingshot Alien Air hydrofoil kiteboard

    The Alien Air is the easiest hydrofoil of Slingshot. Perfect for learning the basics of hydrofoil kite surfing. That's because of the big scoop in the nose. Which means you do not dive into the water quickly when you come down from your hydrofoil wing to the water. The Alien Air is somewhat wider with more volume than the Dwarf Craft to easily ride over the water without having to ride on the hydrofoil wing.< a href = "/slingshot/alien-air-v4-2022-foil-kiteboard-94653?sqr=alien&"> You can read the detailed description of the Slingshot Alien Air here.