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Dakine makes accessories for almost all board sports that you can imagine. They also make super good quality kite harnesses. You have different models for men and women. Would you like to try on a harness or see it up close? Then come and visit us in our store. Do you have a question about the harnesses? Then please contact us. Find out more about the Dakine harnesses >>

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Intro Trapeze Dakine

Dakine makes accessories for almost all board sports that you can imagine. They also make super good quality kite harnesses. You have different models for men and women. Would you like to try on a harness or see it up close? Then come and visit us in our store. Do you have a question about the harnesses? Then please contact us. Find out more about the Dakine harnesses >>

Buy Dakine Harness

Dakine is known for the super comfortable seat harnesses they have developed. The Fusion seat harness has been developed for men and the Vision for women. They also have different hip harnesses, like the Renegade and the C-1. Below is more information to help you find the perfect harness. It is important that your harness fits properly, so take a good look at the size chart on the product page on our website. Are you stuck? Please contact us via Whatsapp, telephone, e-mail or come and visit our megastore in Noordwijk.

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  1. 1. Dakine Men's Harness collection
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  3. 3. Dakine Harness technology

Dakine Men's Harness collection

Dakine has a wide range of harnesses. Dakine develops both hip and sitting harnesses for men and women. Thanks to the large range, it is difficult to choose the right harness. The most important thing is the shape of the harness. The higher the back, the more support you will have and the lower the back, the more freedom of movement you will have. By briefly highlighting Dakine's harnesses below, you will get an idea of the different harnesses Dakine has and what might suit you. Would you like more information, or do you have a question? Please feel free to contact us.

Dakine Fusion Harness
The Dakine Fusion is one of Dakine's best-selling sitting harnesses. This seat harness is super comfortable and has a hard shell for extra support. The pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed, thanks to the 8-point fixation system and the Curv Composite shell. The leg straps of the harness are very comfortable and do not chafe on bare skin. The Dakine Fusion is perfect for kiters who like to kite with a seated harness or who quickly get problems with their back.

Dakine Pyro Harness
The Dakine Pyro is a hip harness with higher back support. The back is slightly larger, so that the power of the kite is distributed over a larger part of the back and you will experience more support. If you spend hours on the water, the Pyro is perfect for you!

Dakine Renegade Harness
The Renegade harness from Dakine is super comfortable and has a semi-hard medium shell for great support while kiting. The harness is quite flexible and very light, giving you a lot of freedom of movement. Thanks to the Curv Composite, the pressure of the kite is well distributed, so that you can stand on the water for an extra long time. The memory foam on the inside ensures that the harness is super comfortable and fits perfectly to your body. The harness is perfect for freeride kiters and foilers.

Dakine C-2 Harness
The Dakine C-2 is the successor to the C-1. The Dakine C-1 was one of the first hardshell harnesses to appear on the kite market. It is a high-performance harness that provides a lot of support while kiting. Compared to the Dakine Renegade, the C-2 is slightly stiffer. The trapeze consists of three hard plates with less stiff material between them, so that you still get a lot of freedom of movement without reducing the support. The trapeze has a perfect fit and is super comfortable due to the memory foam on the inside of the trapeze.

Dakine Dames Harness collectie

Dakine has also developed harnesses especially for female shredders. The big difference is in the fit. The harness are specially designed around the contours of the female body, so the harnesses fit seamlessly everywhere and therefore provide more support. The harnesses are made from the best materials and help you get the most out of your session!

Dakine Vision Harness
The Vision seat harness is specially designed for female kiters. With this seat harness you get maximum control while kiting. It is a super comfortable performance harness with a lot of freedom of movement. The leg straps are super comfortable and ensure that the harness cannot slide up. The pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed by the 8-point fixation system.

Dakine Wahine Harness
The Dakine Wahine is a hip harness with a snake profile. The medium stiff back provides good support and sufficient flex for enough freedom of movement. With an inner lining of comfortable foam, the harness forms perfectly to the contours of the body. The Dakine Wahine is perfect for all-round riders who are looking for a harness for all disciplines.

View the different categories of Dakine here

Dakine Hip Harness Dakine Women's Harness Dakine seat Harness

Dakine harness technology

Dakine harnesses have been improved in recent years. Dakine has achieved this by continuously innovating and using new unique materials. Dakine has decades of experience in developing trapezes and they will continue to do so in the coming years. Some techniques are briefly explained below.

Adaptive fit technology with Texon reinforcement
This technology is used in the Dakine C-2 and is specially designed for a personal fit. This technology is sensitive to thermal pressure, so that the harness adapts its shape to the shape of the rider after a number of sessions. Thanks to this custom shape, the harness fits very well and always stays in place.

Curv Composite
The Curv Composite shell ensures that the power of the kite is perfectly distributed over the entire harness. The shell moves with your body while kiting for extra freedom of movement.

8-point fixation system
The sitting harnesses use an 8-point fixation system. This system distributes the weight gradually and ensures that you have more control and endurance during your session.

Memory Foam
There is Memory Foam on the inside of the harnesses that ensures that you can kite super comfortably. The trapeze gets a perfect fit and ensures that there is less pressure on your back.

Dakine Spreader Bar
Dakine has two different spreader bars, the Dakine Hammerhead and the Dakine Maniac. The Hammerhead spreader bar is a standard bar with a fixed hook and is suitable for all sailing styles. The Maniac is a spreader bar for wave kiting. The bar has a loose hook that can move from left to right, so that the harness stays in place and the pressure is perfectly distributed. When choosing the size of your spreader bar you must take the size of your trapeze into account. If you have an

As you may have already noticed, Dakine tries to develop good quality harnesses. Dakine harnesses are becoming increasingly more popular and are guaranteed to provide a sick session. Together with the best team riders, Dakine tests and develops the harnesses, guaranteeing you the best of the best. We at Kitemana have a large stock of Dakine harnesses that are immediately available. Do you need help choosing your harness or is the harness you are looking for not in stock or in our range? Please contact us or visit our megastore in Noordwijk and we will ensure that you purchase the right Dakine harness!

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