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Do you want to buy a North kite, kiteboard or other cool North gear? Kitemana sells all the latest North products directly available and in stock. For years, North Kiteboarding has been one of the leading brands on the market. North Kiteboarding stands for quality and has years of experience in producing and developing awesome kite gear. The American company founded in 2001 has a huge range of kites, boards, surfboards, foils and many accessories. Would you like more information about any of the North product please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all of your questions. Read more...



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Selfsticky Airport Valve II
Selfsticky Airport Valve IINorth
Short Freeride Loop 2020
Short Freeride Loop 2020North
Freestyle Long Loop 2020
Freestyle Long Loop 2020North
Chase 2020 Surfboard
Chase 2020 SurfboardNorth
Traction Pad Pro Front
Traction Pad Pro FrontNorth
Wakestyle bar
Wakestyle barNorth
Quick Release Freestyle Kit 2018
Quick Release Freestyle Kit 2018North
Atmos Carbon 2020 Kiteboard
Atmos Carbon 2020 KiteboardNorth
Focus Hybrid 2020 Kiteboard
Focus Hybrid 2020 KiteboardNorth
Navigator 2020 Bar
Navigator 2020 BarNorth
Comp 2020 Surfboard
Comp 2020 SurfboardNorth
Flex 2020 Binding
Flex 2020 BindingNorth
Fix Boots
Fix BootsNorth
X-Ride 2018 Kiteboard
X-Ride 2018 KiteboardNorth
599.00 419.00
Center Part Insert + Grub 2013
Center Part Insert + Grub 2013North
Orbit 2020 Kite
Orbit 2020 KiteNorth
Carve 2020 Kite
Carve 2020 KiteNorth
Atmos Hybrid 2020 Kiteboard
Atmos Hybrid 2020 KiteboardNorth
Prime 2020 Kiteboard
Prime 2020 KiteboardNorth
Standard Freeride Loop 2020
Standard Freeride Loop 2020North
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Buy North Kites

North Kiteboarding has been around since the start of the kite sport and has managed to keep their head above the water ever since. They came up with some new developments despite the great competition. The brand has been making kites for years with a focus on every type of rider. North Kiteboarding's mission is to improve the experience of each individual. North Kiteboarding originated from the company called North Sails which has more than 50 years of experience in sailing. Many of these high-quality sails are used in the Volvo Ocean Race and of course in windsurfing. North pushes the limits of innovation, safety, and design and always remains at the top of their game. Team Rider and world champion Aaron Hadlow help them to test and improve kites and boards. In order to make kites for a wide range of kiters, North makes kites for type and level of kitesurfer. The North Vegas is one of the best C-Kites at the moment and this kite even helped Aaron Hadlow to get the 1st place during the Red Bull King of the Air 2017! Besides Hadlow, many other KOTA riders also ride with the Vegas: Lewis Crathern and our own Dutchies: Ruben Lenten, Lasse Walker & Gijs Wassenaar. Not only the freestylers / big airs guys ride with North but also world champion Airton Cozzolino Lopes rides with the North Neo, a wave kite.

The North Dice (freestyle / freeride) Rebel (freeride / old school) and North Neo (wave) are perfect for the freestyle / freerider and the wave purists among us. Besides their awesome kites North also a really sweet board collection and some good bindings, the Entity and Vario. Do you have a question about North kites or do you want to test a North Kite? Please contact us!

North Innovation

In the early days of development in kites, North was already competing for market share. In those days North wasn't known for their high quality or the safest material, but more about the most innovative kite on the market. The kite with the latest gadgets sold that year the best, each brand often released only 1 kite each year. In 2008 the North moved their factory from China to Sri Lanka and started standardizing and automating some parts of the production, by doing this they improving the quality and uniformity per product. Below some more information about the kites that North have brought to where it is now.

North Rhino I 2001

Around 2001 North introduced their very first kite on the market, the Rhino I developed by Ken Winner. The Rhino was a C-kite with a lot of power and hangtime. The kite was characterized by its good low end and later on developed towards a real race / big air kite. After 2009, the Rhino came to an end and was further developed with a different name, the Dyno, an end of the first era of North's very first kite.

North kiteboard kopen

North Jaime Pro twintip 2003

In 2003, North released the Jaime Pro and named it after Jaime Herraiz, who currently still works at North. The board is still in the collection of North and is perhaps the most sold board on the market ever. The Jaime Textreme is currently used by many pro riders of North and is the most high-end board in the Line-up, we are also a huge fan of this board, for questions or experiences about this board please contact us!

North Vegas 2004

In 2004, North introduced their legendary Vegas! The North Vegas is currently one of the best-selling C-kites out there. The Vegas came out as a new-school freestyle kite to make your very first handle passes. Aaron Hadlow also won the Redbull King Of The Air in 2015 and 2016 with this kite and because of that the Vegas also got a special Hadlow edition. To this day the Vegas remains one of the most respected C-kites for freestyle and big air.

North Rebel 2007

In 2007, North brought the Rebel on the market, an extremely popular and fun kite to ride with! In the beginning, the Rebel was super fast and had a 5 setup without bridles. A wonderful allround kite with good safety and depower which was still unique around that time. After years of development, the Rebel has got a 4-line set up as standard in 2018. Although the 5-line setup is still possible.

North Evo 2008

In 2008 North introduced the all-new Evo this was the first kite from North with a delta shape. The North Evo also has bridles which makes it a nice entry model for the novice kiter, the kite is not super fast, very stable and provides sufficient depower. The Evo can be used with a 4 or a 5 line setup. Although North advises riding with 5 lines because this provides more safety and a better direct feeling, we would recommend the 4 line setup!

North 5th element safety system

North released in 2005 their 5th element safety system which they still use on all their 5-line kites. North has always had the vision that 5-line kites perform better and also a lot safer than the 4-line kites. The advantage with a 5th line is when you activate your safety system the kite only hangs on the 5th line. With the 4-line safety systems, the kite will be attached to either one of the two power lines, which can lead to more dangerous situations. The 5-line system gives a more direct feeling and more safety. Unfortunately the 5-line set up has some disadvantages, when you crash your kite then the 5th line can go around the kite when it spins and by doing this the line can damage your kite when there is still enough power on the canopy of the kite.

North Clickbar 2017

North's most recent innovation is the Clickbar. The Clickbar has a completely new depower system, super easy to use and gives your bar a super clean look. With the Clickbar you can trim the kite by turning a handle on the side of the bar to power and click on a button in the middle of the handle to depower. Normally a kite was always trimmed on the basis of a strap attached to the power lines. The Clickbar trims the kite through the steering lines and the amount of power / depower is indicated in the middle of the bar. The Clickbar can be used on almost all kites of all brands, here at Kitemana we really like this bar and also use this bar very often!

North Kiteboarding Kiteshop

Kitemana has almost all kites in all sizes in stock from North Kiteboarding! We also have a large stock of boards, accessories and spare parts available and ready to ship within the same day. Because we also use a lot of North gear ourselves, we can tell you all about it, so don't hesitate to contact us!