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Kite - Big Air

Who wouldn't want to fly through the air as high and long as possible! You can do that best with a Big Air kite! These kites have been specially developed for Big Air and will take your jumps to a higher level. Characteristic of big air kites are a good boost and mega hangtime. This makes jumping high easy and you are challenged to only go higher. Kitemana has big air kites from Airush, Cabrinha, Core, Duotone, F-One, Naish, North, Ozone, Reedin and Slingshot directly available from stock. Do you want to know more about a Big Air kite? Please contact us or read more »




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Kite Farbe

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Switchblade 2020 Kite
Switchblade 2020 KiteCabrinha
1298.01 $908.31
Super Model 2020 Kite
Super Model 2020 KiteReedin Kiteboarding
1148.12 $918.30
Orbit 2020 Kite
Orbit 2020 KiteNorth
1088.17 $758.42
Orbit 2021 Kite
Orbit 2021 KiteNorth
Pivot 2021 Kite
Pivot 2021 KiteNaish
XR6 Kite
XR6 KiteCore Kiteboarding
AV8 2019 Kite
AV8 2019 KiteCabrinha
Edge V10 Kite
Edge V10 KiteOzone
Lift 2021 Kite
Lift 2021 KiteAirush
Raptor V1 2020 Kite
Raptor V1 2020 KiteSlingshot
Rebel 2020 Kite
Rebel 2020 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1228.06 $918.30
Rebel 2021 Kite
Rebel 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Switchblade 2021 Kite
Switchblade 2021 KiteCabrinha
-19 - -7 ab 13Produkte pro Seite

Buy Big Air Kite Online

Big Air is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in the kitesurfing world. Not surprising, of course, making high jumps is super spectacular and can provide the necessary adrenaline. It is also very nice for the spectators to watch, because you see the riders flying meters high above the water. To fly as high as possible it is best to use a special big air kite. These Big Air kites are meant to let you fly through the air as high and long as possible. You do not have to worry that these kites are difficult to fly! Thanks to the user-friendly nature of the Big Air kite, you will have more confidence to boost higher than ever and you will not easily make a steering mistake. Big Air kites have a very good high-end and remain stable in strong wind or even storm.

Most kites designed for high jumps and strong winds are equipped with even 5 struts for an extra stiff profile. This gives the kite a very sturdy frame and keeps it flying smoothly in strong gusts. The profile of a Big Air kite usually has a flatter arc for a more efficient lift and hangtime. Where in the past riders often opted for a C-shape kite for radical jumps and kiteloops, now more and more riders are opting for an 'all-round' kite with support from bridles. The big advantage is that these kites are more efficient and they have a huge wind range. This allows you to ride the kites well in strong winds. The most famous big air kites are the North Orbit, Naish Pivot, F-One Bandit, Duotone Rebel, Cabrinha Switchblade , Core XR, Ozone Edge en Airush Lift.