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Trapeze Manera

Manera has been making super good quality harnesses for years. They always use the latest technologies to create the best harnesses. Manera has three different models of harnesses. These vary enormously, so there is a perfect harness for everyone. Would you like to try on a Manera harness or see it in real life? Then come and visit us at the store. If you have any questions about the harnesses, you can also contact us. Find out more about the Manera harnesses >>

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Kite Safety Knife
Kite Safety KnifeManera
Exo 2.0 Trapez
Exo 2.0 TrapezManera
Eclipse 2020 Hardshell Trapez
Eclipse 2020 Hardshell TrapezManera
320.00 €320.00
Halo 2022 Hardshell Harness
Halo 2022 Hardshell HarnessManera
Sliding Bar
Sliding BarManera
-19 - -15 ab 5Produkte pro Seite

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The super strong Manera harnesses last a very long time. The trapezes are made from the best quality materials and the latest technologies. You can choose from three different models that are available in different colours, the Eclipse, the Exo and the Union. Below is even more information about the harnesses to make it easier to choose your perfect harness.

1. Manera Harness Collection
2. Technologies Manera Harness

Manera Harness Collection


The Eclipse is the stiffest harness from Manera. The harness has the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility. You get a lot of support and the pressure of the kite is well distributed. Thanks to the low outline you get a lot of freedom of movement. There is also a Down Hold system in the Eclipse harness that ensures that the harness stays in place during kiting. The Eclipse harness incorporates technology such as the Adaptive Shell, Gel Foam and Tuck Flap. Check the Manera Eclipse


The Exo harness from Manera has been specially designed to perfectly distribute the pressure of the kite. Manera has specially collaborated with a science lab to make this harness perfect. The Exo was one of the first harnesses with a stiff structure. The harness is made of super strong materials and is super light. The Exo harness incorporates technology such as an Energy Dispersion Frame, Ballistic Nylon, Single Foam and Tuck Flap. Check the Manera Exo


The Union harness from Manera is one of the lightest harnesses on the market. The harness weighs (without spreader bar) only 1.1 kg. On a windy day you have to be careful that the harness does not blow away. You get a lot of support and the harness is super comfortable. The pressure is super well distributed with this harness, so that you can stay on the water for a long time without getting bothered by your back. The Union harness incorporates technology such as an Energy Dispersion Plate, Single Foam, Feather Weight and Tuck Flap. Check the Manera Union

Technologies Manera Harness

Adaptive Shell

Thanks to the Adaptive Shell, the balance between flexibility and rigidity is perfect. The harness is stiffer in the middle and the harness becomes more flexible at the edges. This ensures that you get a lot of freedom of movement and a lot of support in the right places.

Gel Foam

The harness is super comfortable because of the Gel Foam. This is super nice, especially during longer sessions. The harness moves with your movements through the Gel Foam, so you are less bothered by uncomfortable areas of your harness.

Energy Dispersion Frame

The Energy Dispersion Frame has a hexagonal structure with different thicknesses. The frame is directly connected to the spreader bar, so that the pressure of the kite is not at the back, but at the spreader bar.

Ballistic Nylon

Thanks to the Ballistic Nylon material, the harness will last a very long time. The material is super strong and ensures a longer lifespan of the harness.

Single Foam

Thanks to the Single Foam, the harness is super comfortable and lasts longer. Because the Foam consists of only one piece, the chance that something will break is much smaller. The foam also absorbs very little water, so that the harness remains super light.

Down Hold System

Thanks to the Down Hold system, your harness will stay in place during kiting. The system has an asymmetrical attachment so that the hook cannot slide up.

Tuck Flap

The Tuck Flap helps the Down Hold system to hold the harness in place. You can put the end of the spreader bar in the harness. When you put on the straps the ends are clamped in the harness and they can no longer come loose. This ensures that the hook stays in place.

Do you still have questions about these harnesses? Feel free to contact us or drop by our store.