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Trapeze Ride Engine

Ride Engine is a young kite brand that makes super good kite harnesses. Since 2014 they make a very new kind of kite harness with a hard backplate which offers maximum comfort. Choose a Ride Engine harness and a spreader bar which is good for your style riding. Ride Engine makes different types of the spreader bars. A rope version which is good for wave riding and the classic spreaderbar from Ride Engine which is good for freeriding and freestyling. Would you like more information about any of the Ride Engine harnesses, please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all of your questions. Read more »

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Hex Core 2018 Trapeze
Hex Core 2018 TrapezeRide Engine
289.00 €99.00
Saber V2 2022 Trapez
Saber V2 2022 TrapezRide Engine
Kite Safety Knife
Kite Safety KnifeRide Engine
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader Bar
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader BarRide Engine
59.95 €29.95
Contour V1 2021 Sitztrapez
Contour V1 2021 SitztrapezRide Engine
Elite Carbon V7 2022 Trapez
Elite Carbon V7 2022 TrapezRide Engine
Momentum V1 2021 Trapez
Momentum V1 2021 TrapezRide Engine
169.00 €99.00
Saber 2021 Trapez
Saber 2021 TrapezRide Engine
289.00 €199.00
Unity Kite Mega Spreader Bar V1
Unity Kite Mega Spreader Bar V1Ride Engine
Unity Kite Spreaderbar
Unity Kite SpreaderbarRide Engine
Unity Mega Pad Conversion
Unity Mega Pad ConversionRide Engine
Unity Sliding Rope Kit
Unity Sliding Rope KitRide Engine
Unity Webbing Conversion Clips
Unity Webbing Conversion ClipsRide Engine
Carbon Slider Bar
Carbon Slider BarRide Engine
Elite Carbon 2018 Trapez
Elite Carbon 2018 TrapezRide Engine
399.00 €119.00
Elite Carbon 2021 Harness
Elite Carbon 2021 HarnessRide Engine
Harness Clip
Harness ClipRide Engine
Lyte 2022 Trapez
Lyte 2022 TrapezRide Engine
Lyte Webbing 2022 Trapez
Lyte Webbing 2022 TrapezRide Engine
Metal Sliding 2020 Spreader Bar
Metal Sliding 2020 Spreader BarRide Engine
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Buy Ride Engine Harness Online

Ride Engine harnesses are made of the highest quality and very durable materials, of course you can also see this in the price tag. But have you ever had problems with your old kite harness, then we definitely recommend trying a Ride Engine once. That is also possible with us if you want! For more info check the products, contact us or visit our kiteshop!

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Ride Engine Harness Collection

Ride Engine is a kitesurf harness manufacturer that mainly focuses on the demanding rider. The brand makes a number of different variants of kitesurf harnesses. All have one thing in common, the harnesses have a hard plate at the back. These so-called hard-shell harnesses provide more support, comfort and last longer than the standard kitesurf harnesses. Below are some popular models of Ride Engine harnesses.

Ride Engine Hex Core Harness

The Ride Engine Hex Core harnesses are hard-shell harnesses. Hard-shell harnesses are super tight and comfortable. Ride Engine was the first brand that came with a hard-shell harness, soon followed by more brands. The hard-shell spreads the pressure of your kite over your entire back. The Hex Core is the original model, launched in 2014.

The Hex Core is one of the most striking harnesses of the moment. In terms of appearance, you pick them directly from the water. They come in a number of super cool colors! The Hex Core has a fiberglass, armor shell. This is stiff and fits perfectly around the body of the kiter. The Ride Engine Hex Core has a new locking mechanism from 2018 so you can very easily open and close it. This is one of the most popular models of this moment.

Ride Engine Prime Harness

Since 2019 Ride Engine has a new model in the range, the Prime! This Prime Harness is new version of the Hex Core and replaces its predecessor. The Prime has anti-slip tightening straps which makes it stay in place even better. It also shifts less this year thanks to the fusion foam on the inside. You can ride the Prime with a fixed hook or a slider rope if you want to surf.

Ride Engine spreader bar

At the Ride Engine harnesses you choose your own spreader bar. Because many new kitesurfing styles have been added, the traditional spreader bar is not always the one you want. Nowadays you can also opt for a slider bar.

Ride Engine Slider Spreader Bar

The Ride Engine Slider bar gives you much more freedom of movement than a normal spreader bar. You've probably noticed it with toe-side sailing, that your harness is pulled all the way to the side. With the Slider bar, this will no longer happen. You get your chicken run through the string of the slider bar. The chickenloop can thus slide the entire length of your slider bar. This makes the Slider bar super suitable for wave riding or hydro foiling where you kite.

Ride Engine Fixed Hook spreader bar

The Fixed hook spreader bar is the traditional spreader bar. The fixed hook gives you more control and a permanent place where you can pick up your chickenloop again. This is especially useful if you want to crochet and do unhooked tricks. Also for big air it is advisable to use the fixed hook. In the air and at your take off you want to be stable, the fixed hook ensures a stable position of your chickenloop.

Technologies Ride Engine Harnesses

Ride Engine brought the first Hard Shell harness on the market with the Hex Core. In addition, the brand has a number of cool features that we briefly highlight below.

Fiberglass Hard Shell

This is the first technology that was applied when developing a hard-shell harness. Harnesses that have this type of hard shell are the Hex Core and the Prime Shell. The fiberglass shell is strong and yet flexible. This gives him a very good support, without becoming too stiff.

Carbon Hard Shell

The new Premium carbon and Kevlar construction make this Ride Engine's stiffest shell. This Carbon construction is applied to the new, Elite version harnesses of the brand. The Ride Engine Elite Carbon harness is light and super stiff for a superior fit that evenly distributes the forces of the kite to your back and waist.

Dual zone locking system

The 2019 Ride Engine harnesses are all equipped with the new Dual-zone locking mechanism. This makes it very easy to open and close the harness and it also stays in place better. Nice & tight!

Fusion Foam Padding

All new Ride Engine harnesses have the new Fusion Foam. Because of this, in addition to being supportive, they also feel mega comfortable. The Foam offers you a real locked-in feeling with comfort.

Lumbar Lock

What distinguishes the Ride Engine harnesses from, for example, the Mystic Majestic X is that the shape is somewhat rounder in the lower back. This keeps them very well in place in the lower back. This is called Lumber Lock. The Shell has an ergonomically shaped contour that is locked during kite surfing in the lower back. This makes the harness move and rotate less and locked in place.

Speed Lock Closing

The Dual Zone straps end up in a new speed lock closure. This closure hooks in a metal clasp. This means that you do not suffer from salt, sand or wear on the closing mechanism. A simple closure that also opens when you have cold hands!

Removable handle pass leash

At the back of every Ride Engine harness there is a handle pass system, so you can easily attach the leash to the back of the harness. This really comes in handy if you love to pass the bar!

Do you have a question about Ride Engine harnesses or do you want to know more about a Ride Engine Harness? Call or email us. We have all the knowledge and will gladly share this with you.