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Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps surfwax is actually exactly what the name suggests, super sticky! Thanks to Sticky Bumps you have a super good grip on your (kite) surfboard. In addition, it smells really good!




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Wax Type

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Original Wax
Original WaxSticky Bumps
$ 3.02
Day-Glo Wax
Day-Glo WaxSticky Bumps
$ 3.02
Punt Wax
Punt WaxSticky Bumps
$ 3.02
Scented Candle
Scented CandleSticky Bumps
$ 12.13
Wax Remover
Wax RemoverSticky Bumps
$ 11.11
Tour Series
Tour SeriesSticky Bumps
$ 3.02
-19 - -14 ab 6Produkte pro Seite

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax

Wax researchers have been striving for the perfect formula for years to provide more grip on your kite / surfboard. Sticky Bumps has also succeeded in producing a scented wax with a thick grip to help you while surfing.

Sticky Bumps is a major player on the market and makes many different types of surfwax. For every temperature you have a wax that suits you. You start with a new surfboard with the basecoat wax. You can apply the wax that best fits the circumstances and conditions.

We have the right Sticky Bumps surfwax for you. Do you have a question about Sticky Bumps wax? Call or email us.