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Converse 2018 Surfboard Airush

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Airush Converse 2018 Surfboard

Down the line surf

The Converse is designed for the hardcore waverider who feels at home in the waves. It is made of only the best materials and lets you rip every wave you encounter. A pure surfboard for the kitesurfer. The Airush Converse has a high tail rocker with a round pin tail for a snappy character. This gives the board it"s super fast turns and a wonderful drive.

Thanks to the fine rocker in the nose you can ride the steepest waves without the nose going to dive. The Converse is nice and slim. This makes the Converse extremely stable at high speed and perfect for down-the-line waves. A crazy board for the hardcore waverider.

  • Devoted down the line surfboard
  • High rocker for a snappy feeling
  • Maximum control at high speed
  • Custom Epoxy EPS
  • Curvy hip and tail area for maximum snap off the lip
  • Great tail rocker for turning and control
  • Go fast
  • Fine nose rocker for vertical surf

    Airush Converse 2018 Surfboard

    Airush Converse 2018 Surfboard

    Airush Converse 2018 Surfboard

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