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Futures are fins with a single tap for surfboards. Futures fins are used in the surfboards of Cabrinha, Best, F-One, North and RRD. You choose the size of the fin according to your weight and riding style.




Fin Type

Fin Größe


F Series F8 5-fin
F Series F8 5-finFutures
F Series F8 Thruster
F Series F8 ThrusterFutures
DHD Honeycomb Thruster
DHD Honeycomb ThrusterFutures
F Series F6 5-Finnen
F Series F6 5-FinnenFutures
F Series F8 Quad
F Series F8 QuadFutures
Thermotech Fin Set
Thermotech Fin SetFutures
Alpha Series Thruster
Alpha Series ThrusterFutures
Ersatz-Kit Finnen Schrauben mit Finnen- Schlüssel
Ersatz-Kit Finnen Schrauben mit Finnen- SchlüsselFutures
F Series F6 Finnen
F Series F6 FinnenFutures
F Series F6 Quad
F Series F6 QuadFutures
Firewire 5-Fins
Firewire 5-FinsFutures
Roberst 5 Finnen Generation Series
Roberst 5 Finnen Generation SeriesFutures
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Futures fins are considered user-friendly because they are tough and easy to attach. Futures fins you fix with a single screw at the back of the fin, you just twist this screw in the surfboard. The tab of the fin is strong to prevent it from breaking off in your surfboard.
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