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SurfEars are specially made for (kite) surfing! SurfEars earplugs let sound through, but protect your ears against water! Avoid serious ear infections or eventually the well-known surfer's ear with Surf Ears. If you suffer from your ears during or after kiting do not wait any longer and purchase a set of SurfEars 2.0 and avoid problems. Check here all SurfEar earplugs.


Junior Earplugs für Kinder
Junior Earplugs für KinderSurfEars
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The idea behind the SurfEars came about when the SurfEars founder got an inflamed ear during his trip to Marocco. He could not go into the water and became completely deaf on one ear! This infection hurt so much that he didn't want to experience this anymore. Because of this he came up with the idea to develop the SurEars.

After trying all the earplugs, they came to the conclusion that wearing earplugs is not really nice in the water. You don'tt hear anything and the balance even deteriorates. The fit was often bad too. This is how SurfEar started with the development of its own earplugs. The SurfEars have a perfect fit and stop the water. Yet they have none of the aforementioned disadvantages! Just be able to hear everything and still protect your ears. Do you have a question about SurfEars? Call or email us!