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Prolimit is a Dutch surf brand. And makes high-quality, innovative and handy kitesurfing accessories such as wetsuits, caps, surf boots, surf gloves, lycra's, boardbags, harnesses, warm coats and more. All the Prolimit products have a very good quality and high comfort. Whether you are male, female or kid, Prolimit products are suitable for everyone. The history of Prolimit goes back more than 40 years enough exerience to rely on. Prolimit has grown into a brand with users all over the world from the most idyllic islands to the most rugged seas. At Kitemana we have a very wide range of Prolimit products. If there is another Prolimit product you are looking for, you want more information or looking for a different size? Please contact us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more »



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Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive
Black Witch Neoprene AdhesiveProlimit
Kite Seat Pro Trapez
Kite Seat Pro TrapezProlimit
AquaPak Epoxy Repair Kit
AquaPak Epoxy Repair KitProlimit
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 Neoprenanzug
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 NeoprenanzugProlimit
199.00 149.00
Kitemana Golf Travel Light Boardbag
Kitemana Golf Travel Light BoardbagProlimit
Slider 2019 Impact Vest
Slider 2019 Impact VestProlimit
Turbo Kite Pump High Pressure
Turbo Kite Pump High PressureProlimit
Raider Boot 5mm
Raider Boot 5mmProlimit
Kitemana Twintip Boardbag
Kitemana Twintip BoardbagProlimit
Kitemana Golf Ultralight Boardbag
Kitemana Golf Ultralight BoardbagProlimit
Track Nut M8 (4pcs)
Track Nut M8 (4pcs)Prolimit
Mercury 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Neoprenanzug
Mercury 5/3 Frontzip 2020 NeoprenanzugProlimit
Fusion 2/2 Shorty Neoprenanzug
Fusion 2/2 Shorty NeoprenanzugProlimit
99.99 59.95
Grommet Steamer 5/3
Grommet Steamer 5/3Prolimit
189.00 149.00
Hydrogen Boot 5.5mm
Hydrogen Boot 5.5mmProlimit
49.95 39.95
Mercury 6/4 Frontzip Neoprenanzug
Mercury 6/4 Frontzip NeoprenanzugProlimit
Vapor Hardback 2019 Trapez
Vapor Hardback 2019 TrapezProlimit
Evo Boot Sock 3mm Dura Sole
Evo Boot Sock 3mm Dura SoleProlimit
Fusion 2/2 Frontzip Longarm Shorty 2019 Neoprenanzug
Fusion 2/2 Frontzip Longarm Shorty 2019 NeoprenanzugProlimit
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Prolimit the brand

The history of Prolimit goes back more than 40 years. Originated in the Netherlands but now grown into a global company. Prolimit focuses on the reliability of their own product development and not on short market trends. The vision of Prolimit goes years ahead. The Prolimit products are designed with the desire to produce the best quality kitesurf products so that everyone can enjoy it. The head office of Prolimit is still in the Netherlands. Product development is done year round in the rugged South African conditions. The materials are taken from the Far East. Prolimit is a global company. If you buy a Prolimit product, whether it is a wetsuit or trapeze, you can be sure that it has been intensively tested under the roughest conditions and developed into the best product in its class.

Prolimit wetsuit accessories

Feeling cold during winter sessions has become a choice. Prolimit makes lots of wetsuit accessories so you don’t have to go cold in winter. There are super warm Prolimit beanies, headbands and hoods. But also complete neoprene shirts that you can wear under your Prolimit wetsuit to have an extra thick layer of neoprene on your body. Also for your hands there are handy gloves with curved fingers so that you get less cramp in your hands during kiting. Prolimit has really thought of everything.

Prolimit kitesurf trapezes

Also for an awesome kitesurf trapeze you are at the right place at Prolimit. Years of experience with windsurf trapezes has contributed enormously to the development of high-quality kitesurf trapezes. The Prolimit Load Plate technique ensures that the power of your kite is distributed throughout your trapeze. The Prolimit Load plate can be found in the Prolimit Hawk kitesurf trapeze.