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Firewire once started as a surfboard brand, and nowadays they are one of the best in producing high-end surfboards for kitesurfing. Firewire kiteboards are dynamic, lightweight and offer all the advantages of a standard wave surfboard. Yet these Firewire boards are extremely strong and made to withstand all the forces generated while kitesurfing. If you're looking for a waveride kiteboard with great riding characteristics, a Firewire kiteboard is definitely a good choice. Would you like more information about any of the Firewire surfboards please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all of your questions. Read more...


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Evo Helium SurfboardFirewire
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Firewire kitesurf waveboards

The world famous surf brand Firewire has been making performance-oriented surfboards for years. Besides surfing legend Kelly Slater, the boards are also appreciated by other Pro surfers for their cornering, precision and speed. After the worldwide success in the surfing world, it is our turn. Firewire now has a number of awesome models of kiteboards in the range. These boards were once designed for wave surfing, but fully tuned for the kiter so that upwind kiting is a breeze and the boards are sturdy enough to endure jumps.

Firewire technology

Firewire works with the best boardshapers out there, including Daniel Thomson, Dan Mann, Nev Hyman and Jon Pyzel. In addition to these shapers, the brand works closely with kite / surfers all over the world to link feedback directly back into the design. The most popular Firewire Kiteboards are the FST Tomo kiteboards. FST stands for Futures Shapes Technology, which means an extra strong construction method. The Firewire FST surfboards have a Balsa wooden rail, in combination with a high density aerospace composite top and bottom layer. As a result, the Firewire kiteboard retains its fine flex properties, but still has a very solid basis. A balsa wooden rail also ensures that you have less chance of dings and other damage. Finally, FST provides a balanced kite surfboard with the ratio between flex, weight and durability. The latest technology from Firewire is Helium technology. This is a new construction with super light blank so that the board is not normally light anymore. This makes it super easy to make airs and freestyle tricks with the new Firewire helium boards.

Firewire Tomo shapes

The Firewire Tomo kiteboards are shaped by Daniel Thomson and all have a modern shape design. What is particularly striking about the design of the Tomo kiteboards is that the nose has been left out on most boards. This immediately results in a lighter, more compact design. In addition, the Tomo boards have heavy channels so that you have more grip on the water during kiting. This helps you carving and promotes water flow under the board. This gives the boards more control on the water surface and they are wonderfully stable.

h3> Firewire Evo This kiteboard is wonderfully all-round and in fact every kiter can handle this. The Evo feels nice and stable, but also ensures a wonderful carve session in the waves. His rail is sharp enough to cut through the water. The Firewire Evo FST is planning very early thanks to its straight outline and somewhat concave. This enekel concave runs to the tail and slowly flows into a quad channel, for a nice grip and to kick him nicely on his tail. Sail the Evo as small as possible, because he already has some volume of himself. That way he keeps feeling nice and playful.

Firewire Father

The Firewire Father is incredibly fast and has a skate feeling with a wonderful speed. Its asymmetrical design gives you the space to easily make small jumps and shoots fast against the wind. A tough surfboard for the demanding kiter. This Firewire Father comes with 5 fin design. This means that you can sail this Father with 4 or 3 fins! Every one's own preference, but alternating is also super nice.

Firewire Vanguard

The Firewire Vanguard has a symmetrical outline and a bevelled nose. This allows you to sail the board much smaller than you were originally used to. This saves a lot of weight, but also makes the board easy to maneuver. The Vanguard is a high-quality surfboard for the strapless kiter. This Firewire Vanguard comes with 5 fin design. This means that you can sail this Vanguard with 4 or 3 fins! Each one's own preference, but alternating is also possible. Kitemana has the following Firewire FST Tomo kiteboards available from stock:

Firewire Vanguard FST | Firewire Father FST | Firewire Evo FST