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NorthCore kiteboarding accessories are high quality products witch help you during your kitesession! Northcore makes warm accessories for on or off the water. Check here all kitesurf accessories from Northcore.




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Wasserdichte Schlüssel & Handyhülle
Wasserdichte Schlüssel & Handyhülle Northcore
Keypod Schlüssel Safe
Keypod Schlüssel SafeNorthcore
Beach Basha Poncho
Beach Basha PonchoNorthcore
Double Surfboard Storage-Halterung
Double Surfboard Storage-HalterungNorthcore
Dry Bag Backpack 40L
Dry Bag Backpack 40LNorthcore
FCS Finnenschlüssel mit Schrauben
FCS Finnenschlüssel mit SchraubenNorthcore
Surfboard Tie Downs
Surfboard Tie DownsNorthcore
C-Mat Wetsuit Bag
C-Mat Wetsuit BagNorthcore
Double Overhead Soft Roofrack
Double Overhead Soft RoofrackNorthcore
Roof Bar Pads
Roof Bar PadsNorthcore
 Kinder Beach Basha Poncho
Kinder Beach Basha Poncho Northcore
Quad Surfboard Storage Regal
Quad Surfboard Storage Regal Northcore
Three Door Overhead Soft Roofrack
Three Door Overhead Soft RoofrackNorthcore
Lockjaw Leash Plug
Lockjaw Leash PlugNorthcore
Single Surfboard Storage Regal
Single Surfboard Storage Regal Northcore
Travel Pack
Travel PackNorthcore
Waterproof Wetsuit Dry Bag
Waterproof Wetsuit Dry BagNorthcore
D-Ring Tie-Downs
D-Ring Tie-DownsNorthcore
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Northcore kitesurfing accessories

Northcore is a board brand that develops technical accessories and hardware for surf, board sports and other extreme sports! The roots of Northcore are deeply entwined in cold water surfing, which has led to products of the highest quality. In addition, all Northcore products are practical, robust and look super stylish.

Northcore loves design, creation and getting inspired by working with the best athletes. Of course all Northcore products are available at Kitemana. Are you missing a product? Please call or email us.

Northcore seat cover

One of the most useful things Northcore makes is the seat cover. You've probably done a downwinder or did not want to take off your wetsuit after a mega cold winter session and went with your wetsuit in your car. That is of course a bit of a shame about your car upholstery. With the Northcore seat cover you can easily pull a protection over your seat so that your upholstery does not get wet.

Nortcore keypod

A keypod is also something that you can always use. You don’t always want to put your key on your rear tire or in your kite bag. You can no longer carry new electrical keys under your wetsuit. A keypod is a safe for your car key that you can attach to your car and close it with a combination lock. So you do not have to worry about your keys.
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