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Are you looking for a leash, fins, or other kiteboard parts and gadgets but do not want to pay too much money? Then these Kitemana products are a really good solution! A good price, but still the best quality. Check all our own Kitemana products here.



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Lost Found Kiteboard Sticker
Lost Found Kiteboard StickerKitemana
T-Shirt Team
T-Shirt TeamKitemana
Kiteboard  G10 Twintip Finnen Set
Kiteboard G10 Twintip Finnen SetKitemana
Liquid force / Reedin Kitepumpen Adapter
Liquid force / Reedin Kitepumpen AdapterKitemana
Naish / Best / Airush Kitepumpen Adapter
Naish / Best / Airush Kitepumpen AdapterKitemana
North / Cabrinha / Core / Duotone Kitepumpen Adapter
North / Cabrinha / Core / Duotone Kitepumpen AdapterKitemana
Kiteboard Screw
Kiteboard ScrewKitemana
Kiteboard G10 Finne
Kiteboard G10 FinneKitemana
Old Skool Kitepumpen Adapter
Old Skool Kitepumpen AdapterKitemana
Tear-Aid (kleine Patches)
Tear-Aid (kleine Patches)Kitemana
Close Up Kiteboard DVD
Close Up Kiteboard DVDKitemana
24.95 €9.95
Feather Lite Bindings
Feather Lite BindingsKitemana
84.00 €69.00
Fin Puller
Fin PullerKitemana
Kite-Leinen 2x20m 210kg
Kite-Leinen 2x20m 210kgKitemana
OceanEarth Waterproof Camera & Iphone case
OceanEarth Waterproof Camera & Iphone caseKitemana
Sms Wind-Alarm von Surfweer
Sms Wind-Alarm von SurfweerKitemana
Wetsuit Shampoo 15ml
Wetsuit Shampoo 15mlKitemana
Bootie Hanger
Bootie HangerKitemana
-19 - 7 ab 27Produkte pro Seite

Kitemana kitesurfing accessories

Kitemana tries to arrange a good deal at all times. Sometimes parts cost you prefer to save on, but a lot of money for what you get in return. This makes Kitemana, for example, make its own leashes. The leashes are made in the same factory where leashes from the big brands are also manufactured. Because we remove such an intermediary, we can keep costs down for the customer. The quality certainly does not fall below that of, for example, Cabrinha, Naish or Best. Our fins are also of super quality. These G10 fins fit almost every kiteboard and there are already from 15 euros each! Very top so if you lost a little piece. You get your own T-shirts as a gift over 50 euros. If you find him really cool, you can also order it for just 9.95! Do you have a question about our own brand gear? Please call or email us.

Kitemana kitesurf fins

Kitesurfing fins are essential for sailing with your kiteboard. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you lose a fox. You do not want to buy a set of four fins. We at Kitemana sell fins of our own brand each so you do not lose a lot of money. The fins fit on most boards from Naish, Cabrinha, North, F-One, Nobile and more. Did you buy a board without fins? Then you can also buy a super cheap set of fins with us of excellent quality.

Kitemana kitesurf footpads and straps < h3> Also for new affordable footpads or straps with the brand of kitemana at the right address. The feather lite footstraps and pads give excellent grip and comfort that you can expect from this price.

Kitemana kitesurfing pump

Are your pumps also all the time? We also ran into that problem. You throw your pump in your car with all your kitesurfing stuff on top and your pump is broken. Normal pumps are super expensive. The Kitemana pump is a good pump for a good price.

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