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Stallion Ben Wilson

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Ben Wilson Surf Stallion V2

The new Stallion V2 is even stronger than its predecessor. By perfecting the construction and construction method, this board has become completely invincible! The Ben Wilson Surf Stallion V2 is a kitesurfboard which is made for all conditions. What is striking about the board is that it has no nose and has several deep channels in the bottom for grip! Inspired by the Toma but #nothinglikeatomo is the famous board of pro kitesurfer Ian Alldrege and designer Dano See. This board is developed with the highest quality materials on the market and top-notch crafters to offer you the best kite experience. The BWS Stallion can be waxed, but you can also ride it with a pad.

Ben Wilson Surf Stallion V2

The 5"0" has a quad fin design, the 5"2" and 5"4" have a penta fin design, you can also ride with 3 or 4 fins. The choice you make is very personal, we also recommend to purchase these boards with five fins so you have the freedom to choose both options. The standard color of the stallion is bright yellow, but if you prefer a different color, that"s no problem! For an extra 49 euros, you can choose a Custom color. In addition, you can also get the Stallion V2 with FCS2 finboxes. For more information, please contact us.

BWS Stallion V2

The boards are available in these three sizes.
  • 5"0 x 17"4 x 1"88. 19.3L 2.8kg/6lb
  • 5"2 x 17"88 x 2 ". 22L 2.9kg/6.2lb
  • 5"4 x 18"33 x 2"12. 24L 3kg/6.4lb

    These boards don"t have a nose so you ride 6 to 8 feet shorter than a normal traditional surfboard. If you are in doubt between two sizes and you would like to jump with this board, go for the smallest. If you"re all about ripping waves go for the larger one. Below you can see what size we recommend for a certain weight and height.

  • 5"0: Weight 65/80kg. Length 155-175cm
  • 5"2: Weight 75/90kg. Length 170-185cm
  • 5"4: Weight 85/+100kg. Length 180-200cm

    BWSURF Intel TDZ Stallion V2

  • woutert
    20 December 2016

    The machine, wat een mega goed board!

    van As
    van As
    26 October 2016

    Werkelijk waar het beste surfboard waar ik tot nu toe ooit heb gestaan!

    Size Chart BWS Stallion Surfboard

    Surfboard size (inch) Weight in kg
    5.0 60 - 80kg
    5.2 75 - 90kg
    5.4 85 - 100+kg
    The size chart is an indication. Depending on your riding style and kitesurfing level you can choose for a different size board.
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