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Neopren Zubehör - Lycra

A Lycra is also called Rashvest, Rash guard or Quickdry t-shirt. Wearing this is of course a feast because you are probably in a nice tropical climate! Wearing a Lycra has a number of big advantages, so you're protected from the sun by a factor of 50+ and it prevents the traces of your trapeze on your body. Read more »



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Star L/S Quickdry Lycra
Star L/S Quickdry LycraMystic
$ 38.55
Star S/S Quickdry Lycra
Star S/S Quickdry LycraMystic
$ 34.49
Rashguard Men L/S Lycra
Rashguard Men L/S LycraION
$ 39.49
Star S/S Rashvest Women
Star S/S Rashvest WomenMystic
$ 33.60
Star L/S Rashvest Women
Star L/S Rashvest WomenMystic
$ 38.55
Star L/S Rashvest Lycra
Star L/S Rashvest LycraMystic
$ 38.55
Star S/S Rashvest
Star S/S RashvestMystic
$ 28.66
Wetshirt Hood Men LS 2020 Lycra
Wetshirt Hood Men LS 2020 LycraION
$ 49.32
Star S/S Rashvest Junior
Star S/S Rashvest JuniorMystic
$ 24.61
Wetshirt Men L/S
Wetshirt Men L/SION
$ 39.49
Rashguard Men S/S Lycra
Rashguard Men S/S LycraION
$ 34.54
Rashguard Men L/S 2020
Rashguard Men L/S 2020ION
$ 39.44
Wetshirt Men S/S 2020
Wetshirt Men S/S 2020ION
$ 34.49
Majestic S/S Quickdry
Majestic S/S QuickdryMystic
$ 49.32
Dazzled Longarm Shorty Lycra Women
Dazzled Longarm Shorty Lycra WomenMystic
$ 78.08
Majestic S/S Rashvest Loosefit
Majestic S/S Rashvest LoosefitMystic
$ 48.43
Wetshirt Men L/S 2020
Wetshirt Men L/S 2020ION
$ 39.44
Star L/S Rashvest Kids
Star L/S Rashvest KidsMystic
$ 29.55
Star L/S Rashvest Junior
Star L/S Rashvest JuniorMystic
$ 28.66
Crossfire L/S Rashvest
Crossfire L/S RashvestMystic
$ 49.32
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A lycra or rash vest gives you super good protection against the sun in warm countries. Sometimes it can be too hot in hot countries, such as when you go foiling in Dubai. Then a rash vest offers extra cooling because the shirt stays wet and gives you factor 50 protection. Lycra's are for men and women. If you have any questions about our lycra's or rashvests please give us a call or send us an email!