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S-Bryck 2018Brunotti

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Brunotti S-Bryck 2018

Strapless Freestyle sofftop

Brunotti will be launching a whole new line of surfboards in 2018, the Softtop series! In addition to its fantastic design, these boards have been given a very peculiar quality, they are finished with a soft deck. And with soft we mean you can actually push your fingers into the top layer of the board. Although they have this feature the board is still very solid and stiff

This S-Bryck is the smallest in the range and is therefore very agile and playful. A very cool board for some freestyle action without bindings. The big advantage about this soft finish is that you won't hurt yourself so quickly on the board and it doesn't break so easily. The S-Bryck is even lighter than a standard surfboard. Really an amazing board for small waves and an overall playful board.

  • EPS Epoxy Sandwich System
  • Reinforced under the feet
  • Multi-S tension Technology
  • Tri-Foam Rack Technology
  • Future vin system
  • Quad fin design

    Brunotti S-Bryck 2018

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