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Overdrive 1X Recoil Fireball 2019 BarCabrinha

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Cabrinha Overdrive Recoil Fireball 2019

Adjustable Cabrinha bar

The new Cabrinha 2019 bar can be easily be adjusted in width from 48cm to 56cm. This makes your kite a bit faster or slower and makes the bar suitable for flying on large and small kites. This Cabrinha Overdrive Recoil Fireball 2019 has the original depowersystem. This means the depower system is held down by a spring and you can power your kite with the black ball and depower it with the yellow one.

The Cabrinha Overdrive Recoil Fireball bar is equipped with a Fireball system. Thanks to a ball at the end of the depower line, your bar clicks onto the hook of your trapeze. This allows your kite to move more freely because it has less friction in the hook. This year the Cabrinha bars got a bigger hole in the middle which allows the bar to slides more easily over the depower line and the steering is slightly lighter. This also offers you the freedom to steer sharper and more aggressively. In addition, this 2019 Cabrinha bar has a new grip which feels very comfortable and offers a lot of control.

  • Cabrnha Fireball System
  • Larger bar opening for fast and light steering
  • New EVA grip with extra grip for the fingers
  • Easily adjustable thanks to the overdrive system
  • Also available with quickloop chickenloop
  • Low V for fast steering
  • Soft EVA bar ends
  • Easy to use
  • Recoil depowersystem

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