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Tronic SS 2020 Kiteboard Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Tronic Surf Stance 2020 Kiteboard

The ultimate twintip for a comfortable and fun ride between waves of Cabrinha

If the normal Cabrinha Tronic doesn"t give you enough surfing feeling, then the Tronic 2020 with special surf stance is your perfect kiteboard. The Tronic has a centered insert placement that gives you even more surfing feeling. You put your footstraps on goofy or regular stance, so you can surf your twintip like a directional!

The Cabrinha Tronic SS 2020 has a soft flex with a high rocker. This allows you to ride easily and with great comfort through choppy water and rough conditions. With the round outline you can do incredibly tasty carving and turn powerful turns. Thanks to the surf stance, this Tronic 2020 sails slightly lower than the normal, but you get a thick surf feeling and finer cornering in return! In addition, the surf stance makes it easier to sail on your side so that you can surf from start to finish with the real surf feeling on your Cabrinha Tronic Surf Stance 2020 twin tip! With the four double concave in the bottom of the Tronic SS 2020 you have a lot of grip on the water through the bends and to drop off for a jump.

  • Wave | Freeride
  • Special surf stance
  • Parabolic rails
  • Much rocker
  • A lot of flex
  • Wooden core
  • ABS rails
  • ABS inserts
  • Quad concave
  • Including fins and grab handle

    Cabrinha Tronic Surf Stance 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha Tronic Surf Stance 2020 kiteboard

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