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Core Kiteboarding Nexus 3 + Fusion 5 Kitesurf Set

The Core Nexus 3 with Fusion 5 is a super nice all-round kitesurfing set for all kitesurfing levels and every kitesurfing discipline. The Nexus 3 can jump, megaloop, foil and ride upwind with ease. The Fusion 5 is super light, with a straight outline and a lot of grip! The Nexus 3 in combination with the Fusion 5 is a winning team!

  • Core Nexus 3 kite
  • All-round performance
  • Core Fusion 5 twin tip
  • Easy upwind
  • Sensor 3 Bar
  • Core Kiteboarding - Nexus 3 + Fusion 5 Kitesurf Set


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    Intro Nexus 3 + Fusion 5 Kitesurf Set The Core Nexus 3 with Fusion 5 is a super nice all-round kitesurfing set for all kitesurfing levels and every kitesurfing discipline. The Nexus 3 can jump, megaloop, foil and ride upwind with ease. The Fusion 5 is super light, with a straight outline and a lot of grip! The Nexus 3 in combination with the Fusion 5 is a winning team!

  • Core Nexus 3 kite
  • All-round performance
  • Core Fusion 5 twin tip
  • Easy upwind
  • Sensor 3 Bar
  • Product Information

    Core Nexus 3 + Fusion 5 Kitesurf Set

    Most versatile kitesurfing set Core has to offer

    The Core Nexus 3 with Sensor 3 bar and Fusion 5 with Union Pro 4 pads and straps is the most allround kitesurf set Core has to offer and therefore a perfect choice is you want to discover all aspects the kitesurfing sport has to offer you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro, this Core kitesurfing set suits all levels of riding! Perfect for freeride and going upwind if you are new to the sport. The more experienced rider will love the ability of the Nexus 3 to boost super high and pull fast and easy kiteloops. Even when you want to go out for a low-wind hydrofoil session the Nexus 3 is your go to kite from Core! To control your Nexus 3 this set has a Core Sensor 3 bar, if you want another bar with it (Sensor 3+ or Pro) please contact us.

    The Fusion 5 which comes with this Nexus 3 set is a super high performance, lightweight twintip from Core. With a straight outline, awesome bottomshape for grip and its average rocker the Fusion 5 will give you speed, grip and control at high speed. Progressing has never been so easy!

    Core Nexus 3 Kite

    Perfect allround kite from Core Kiteboarding!

    The Core Nexus kite has become one of the most popular kites over the years - not only at Core Kiteboarding but also at many kitesurfing spots we go to - and that’s for a good reason. The Core Nexus is the perfect all-round kite that excels in every discipline. Relaxed freeriding, juicy big air session, unhooked freestyle tricks, chasing the next wave or on light wind days with the foil - the Nexus 3 offers you maximum time and fun on the water!

    Since the Nexus 2 was already so popular, the question is what can be changed and improved on such a good kite, but Core has developed the kite a lot further. However, the original Nexus character remains intact. This means that the kite is still accessible to everyone, is fun in all disciplines, is easy to relaunch, turn and has direct steering. So, what's new? Core has used two new materials in the Nexus 3: the Core Tex 2 flight cloth, which was already used in the XR7, and the completely new Exo Tex 2 Dacron, which is used for the first time. The Core Tex 2 canopy is much stiffer, especially due to a completely new coating. This means that the kite is much more stable in the sky. The Exo Tex 2 Dacron is the next step from the previous Dacrons used by Core. Exo Tex 2 is significantly more tear-resistant - up to 80% compared to the Nexus 2. The new Exo Tex 2 is also stiffer. This gives the Nexus 3 an even more solid and stable frame. This further increases flight stability. Slight adjustments were made to the leading edge and the bridle lines so that the Nexus 3 remains agile and fast in response. The manoeuvrability has been maintained, which makes the Nexus 3 a very good kite in waves and on the foil. So, Core was able to improve the Nexus 3 significantly without sacrificing performance in the other areas.

    A big plus of the Nexus 3 is the accessibility of the kite: everyone can have fun with this kite! It doesn't matter whether you're just starting your kite career, pulling kite loops or landing freestyle handle passes. For beginners, the Nexus 3 offers a fast relaunch and easy handling combined with high versatility. No matter which direction you want to go later - the Nexus 3 will not disappoint you.

    The Core Nexus 3 has various trim options. The kite is already really fun in all disciplines in the standard setting. In addition, you can choose two other trim options. The CIT - Core Intelligent Trim Options increase the variety even further, as you can choose between the Wave, Freeride and Freestyle setting. You can also adjust the bar pressure using the attachment points on the steering lines. So, you can adapt the Nexus 3 to your needs.

    With the Nexus 3, Core has taken another significant step forward and further improved the already very good all-round kite - new, better materials, higher flight stability and robustness, great versatility and easy handling for beginners to professionals - no wonder that the Nexus kite over has become such a popular kite over the years and the Nexus 3 is no exception!

    Core Kiteboarding Fusion 5 Kiteboard

    All new allround and freeride kiteboard by Core Kiteboarding!

    Core Kiteboarding has dropped a new edition of their Allround/ Freeride Kiteboard Fusion 5. The new Fusion 5 Twintip has gone through a lot of major improvements compared to the previous model: new wood core, new channels, new concave, new rails, new flex pattern and really cool: a completely fresh design! The Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard is suitable for most riders out there, who are looking forward to a fun and enjoyable session, but do not want to lack the necessary performance to go big if the conditions are there for it!

    The Core Fusion 5 comes now with a new 3D Paulownia wood core. This wood is lighter and also the shape has been improved to save some extra weight on it. Thanks to the strips of Cartan Carbon, the board has some extra stiffness for a direct and playful feel. These strips of carbon provide enough flex in the longitudinal axis to absorb the chop, but enough stiffness to pop well and jump high. Core has used a new Unibody Edge Construction to connect top and bottom layer of the board to make it extra solid.

    At the bottom of the Fusion 5 Core has done some major changes as well. A double concave is now paired with the new Katana Channels that were already introduced at the Choice 4 Kiteboard. This mix of double concave and channels provides extra grip under your back foot, but does not slow you down unnecessarily. With this control you can cruise upwind with ease.

    You are looking for a fun and yet performance orientated board? Check out the Core Fusion 5! Reduced weight, better feel and improved control is something all riders enjoy!

    Core Sensor 3 Bar

    Third generation basic Sensor kitesurf bar from Core

    The new Sensor 3 is no longer comparable to its predecessor. Just about everything is new! Starting with the biggest change: the quick release. The new CIC (Core Intuitive Connect) system uses a "push-away" release. The safety system is clearly recognizable by the red part above the chickenloop. The chickenloop is easy to reassemble after the release by pushing the end of the chickenloop back into the safety system.
    The next nice upgrade to the Core Sensor 3 bar are the ends of the bar. These are not sharp and have rounded corners. With the help of the new Stealth Winders and the Live Wire system you can easily adjust the Sensor 3 bar in width from 50 to 46.5 centimeters. The new floats are not attached to the bar so that the lines can move freely in this way. The Sensor 3 bar itself is equipped with a new Griploc striped padding with clear colors for right and left. The back even has a clear stop sign so that you always know at a glance whether you have properly secured your bar, even after a kiteloop bar spin!

    In addition, a number of things have of course remained the same because they were simply already good. For example, the Sensor 3 still has the same smooth auto-untwist system. The lines still come from the German kitesurfing lines manufacturer Liros and can hold 368 kilos each. The depower system uses a cleat for the most precise depower adjustment. The Core Sensor 3 bar comes with a handy bar bag where you can always neatly store your Sensor 3.

    The big difference between the Sensor 3 and 3+ and pro is that the Sensor 3 has a fixed line length of 24 meters (Sensor 3+) and no tectanium lines (Sensor 3 Pro).

    Any questions? We love to help you out!

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