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Entity Ergo 2022 Pads & Straps Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Entity Ergo 2022 Bindings

Comfortable and adjustable premium binding from Duotone

The Duotone Entity Ergo 2022 binding is the most premium binding from Duotone and the more comfortable, big brother, of the Vario binding. The Entity Ergo binding was designed by Duotone after extensive study of the anatomy of the foot. The Entity 2022 binding has been developed around the foot to have as few pressure points as possible. This allows you to kitesurf for a super long time with the Duotone Entity Ergo 2022 bindings without experiencing painful feet.

The footbed of the Duotone Ergo 2022 binding has a comfortable EVA padding with an interchangeable hardness under the heel. The top of the footbed has a grip with different ridges in the horizontal direction, so that you cannot quickly slip out of the Duotone Ergo binding. In addition, there is also a circle at your toes in the footbed, which provides extra grip and comfort. The foot strap of the Duotone Ergo 2022 binding consists of a front and back part that you can adjust independently of each other. This allows you to tighten the binding on your toes than on your instep. You can also attach the strap more inwards or outwards to the footbed for a better low or high instep fit. The Duotone Ergo 2022 binding is available in four different sizes S, M, L and XL. Check the picture below for the size chart.

Please note: because Duotone uses a tracking system to attach the Duotone Ergo binding to the kiteboard, the Entity binding does not fit on all boards. The Entity binding is also supplied without a grab handle. All Duotone kiteboards are supplied at Kitemana with Duotone fins and grab handle.

  • Duotone Twintip binding
  • Super comfortable
  • EVA padding
  • Different heel hardnesses
  • Toe edge
  • Good grip
  • Push strip closure
  • Four sizes
  • Without grab handle

    Duotone Entity Ergo 2022 Bindingen
    Duotone Entity Ergo 2022 Bindingen

  • Kees
    15 October 2021

    Dit zijn de fijnste bindingen die ik tot nu toe heb gevaren. Ook met neopreen schoentjes van 5mm heb ik nog super veel boardgevoel met deze binding en daarnast is hij erg gemakkelijk te verstelllen. Top aankoop!

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