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Fish SLS 2022 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Fish SLS 2022 Surfboard

A playful surfboard with fish tail from Duotone

The Fish SLS 2022 from Duotone is super fun in small waves. The Fish feels nice and playful and even makes a small swell a party. Thanks to the ouline, shape and volume, the Fish does not need much kite power, which makes the surfboard an ideal light weather directional. Are you looking for a playful all-round surfboard with which you can quickly get out on the water and rip the small waves? The Fish SLS is your go-to surfboard!

The SLS version of the Fish is made with innegra instead of fiberglass. The big advantage of innegra is that the surfboard is better protected against dents and it makes the Fish considerably lighter. While riding, the fish feels more direct and playful. The Fish SLS has a Corks shock absorber 2.0 under the heel area that dampens hard impacts during landings, for example, and ensures that the surfboard always rides comfortably, even in the most choppy conditions.

The Fish SLS has a fish tail which means that the surfboard has two pin tails at the end. The fish tail gives the directional more hold so the surfboard gets up to speed faster. After the Fish has gained control, the fish tail provides more control and grip while making turns. Especially on small waves, the fish tail keeps more grip at high speed.

  • Small waves and light wind
  • Develops speed with little kite power
  • Very good all-round board with easy performance
  • SLS construction
  • Cork shock absorption 2.0
  • Carbon Beam
  • 5′1″ × 18 3/4″ × 2 1/8″ x 22.4L x 45-70kg
  • 5′3″ × 19 1/4″ × 2 5/16″ x 25.6L x 55-75kg
  • 5′5″ × 19 3/4″ × 2 1/2″ x 29.3L x 70-90kg

    Duotone Fish SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Fish SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Fish SLS 2022 Surfboard

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