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Gonzales 2020 KiteboardDuotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Gonzales 2020 Kiteboard

Great entry kiteboard

Duotone's entry board has been the Gonzales for many years and Duotone also came up with a fresh new Gonzales for 2020! The Gonzales is a great board to purchase as the first board. You will make rapid progress with this board and have a pleasant ride through the chop because of its Mono Concave bottom. The Rounded Outline provides grip and control in all conditions.

Because of the many different sizes of the Gonzales, there is always the right size for you. A good and solid beginners board with which you will easily complete your first few meters.

  • Rounded outline
  • Five sizes
  • Mono concave bottom
  • Soft to medium flex

    Duotone Gonzales 2020 Kiteboard

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