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Hybrid SLS 2022 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Hybrid SLS 2022 Surfboard

Super handy surf and foil board from Duotone

The Hybrid SLS 2022 from Duotone is a super handy crossover surfboard with which you can ride waves on days with a large swell and kite foil in low wind, ideal! The Hybrid SLS is your ideal travel board to fulfill all your surf and foil needs. The Hybrid has the shape of a whip, but with a modified bottom channel and a four-point attachment for the foil. The foil attachment is lighter than conventional tracks, so that the surfboard retains as much flex as possible when used as a surfboard. The Hybrid feels most at home in small to medium swell and can be used as an all-round freeride foilboard.

The hybrid has Innegra Shield, which makes the surfboard much less likely to dent and saves a large amount of weight. Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 has been used on the heel side. Cork has cushioning properties and softens the ride in rough conditions. A Carbon Beam has been used for a durable and lightweight construction.

The Hybrid SLS has front and rear inserts so that the surfboard can be sailed with footstraps. The Hybrid has a thruster fin setup for all-round properties.

  • Surf and foil board
  • Good for small to medium waves
  • Compact shape
  • Innegra Shield
  • Cork shock absorption 2.0
  • Carbon Beam
  • Inserts for straps
  • Four point foil attachment
  • 5′0″ × 18″ × 2 1/16″
  • 5′2″ × 18 1/2 × 2 3/16″
  • 5′4″ × 19″ × 2 5/16″

    Duotone Hybrid SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Hybrid SLS 2022 Surfboard
    Duotone Hybrid SLS 2022 Surfboard

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