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Duotone Neo Kite

Pure wave

The 2019 Neo is ready to rip the waves of your life together with you. Now by Duotone! The Duotone Neo excels in terms of drift, depower and steering behavior. The go-to surf kite that lends itself to the hardcore wave fanatics like Airton, Sky and Patri. This year the brand has gone for the ultimate combination of rotation speed, drift and intuitive bar feeling.

For 2019, Duotone has made a number of changes to the Neo. The Duotone Neo 2019 has got a flatter Arc at the middle section so it doesn’t backstall. In addition, the LE segments have become longer so that the bridle anchor points have been placed further out. This gives the Neo 2019 a more surf feel and performance with a smooth power build-up and more drift.

The Duotone Neo is still what we expect from a hardcore surf kite, but then slightly smoother and with an improved drift. Thanks to the two settings you can also completely tweak it to your own taste.

  • High end Surf kite
  • New LE profile
  • 2 settings
  • Amazing drift
  • Fast and intuitive

    Duotone Neo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Neo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Neo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Neo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Neo 2019 Kite

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