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Neo 2022 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Neo 2022 Kite

Wave kite with versatile characteristics from Duotone

The Duotone Neo 2022 is a super nice kite focused on wave riding and directional kitesurfing. The Neo is known for its slightly powerful character for firm bottom turns that will scare any wave. Whether you want to rip waves with or without straps, the Duotone Neo 2022 can do it all. With its very large depower range, good drift and super fast relaunch, this is the wave kite that you can rely on in the most extreme conditions from 'One-Eye' on Mauritus to the rugged coastline of South Africa, but also great for smaller Northsea conditions.

For years, the Duotone Neo has been one of the best wave kites on the market. The uniqueness of the Duotone Neo 2022 is determined by an unprecedented combination of power, control and drift. Thanks to the direct steering characteristics, you can always perfectly position the Neo 2022 for your next turn. A downloop is made so easily, so that you can make the most of every centimeter of the wave. Due to the good drift characteristics, the Neo will fly with you, if you really get a hold of the wave. With the Duotone Neo 2022 you dominate every wave!
For 2022, Duotone has given the Neo a number of design upgrades that ensure that the Duotone Neo 2022 steers even more smoothly than it already did. If you look closely at the Neo 2022 you can see that the center strut has been shortened and the tips are slightly wider, all to ensure that the Neo 2022 is the best Neo ever!

Besides the fact that the Duotone Neo 2022 is an ideal wave kite, the Neo is also very suitable for the the kitesurfe who is just starting. The same characteristics that make the Neo a very good wave kite provide a familiar feeling what you will love as a starting kitesurfer. Due to the large depower range on the bar, you can easily absorb hard gusts. In the beginning you will often send your kite into the water, the Neo will be relaunched before you know it because, for the wave rider the Neo must of course be out of the water before the next wave passes over your kite. In addition, the Duotone Neo 2022 goes very easily upwind, so that you will be spared the 'walk-of-shame'.

The Duotone Neo 2022 is made of super solid materials like all other Duotone kites. The canopy of the Duotone Neo is made of the Duotone-exclusive Trinity TX canopy, made by Teijin. Trinity TX has a perfect balance between stiffness, weight and stretch. The leading edge and struts have a strong Dacron construction so that the Duotone Neo can take a beating. Because every kitesurfer is different, you can also easily adjust the Duotone Neo to your own preferences.

In short, the Duotone Neo 2022 is a super good wave kite that will give you the confidence to rip the world's highest waves. Super fast relaunch, lots of depower and a nice drift. The Duotone Neo is also an ideal kite to start with for the starting kite surfer.

  • Duotone Neo 2022 Kite
  • Wave | freeride
  • All levels
  • New short middle strut
  • Wider wing tips
  • Good drift
  • A lot of depower
  • Fast steering behaviour
  • Quick relaunch
  • Trinity TX canopy
  • Three struts

  • Airton
    10 March 2022

    Since the very first generation of the Neo, I love this kite. And believe it or not, this kite gets still better every year. It drifts very well, always gives a lot of feedback where it is and delivers a great amount of power. If you dare, you can even megaloop it!

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