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Trust Bar 2019 Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Trust Bar 2019

Simple and safe

The new Duotone Trust bar 2019 is very easy to use and does exactly what it is made for. A bar as it should be, with a great safety and above the bar depower. The Duotone Trust bar has a single line flag-out system. This means that it loses his power completely when the safety system is switched on. Also this year the Suicide Ring III makes sure you can easily unhook the bar. If you want to ride this 4-line bar on a 5-line kite, you can upgrade it with a 5th line upgrade kit!

The 2019 Duotone Trust Bar comes in two different sizes. In addition, all 2019 Duotone bars are supplied without a chickenloop. You can now choose whether you want the Wakestyle (XL), freeride (small) freestyle (medium) or wave (rope) chickenloop. So you can put together your own bar. We recommend the freeride loop for the all-round kitesurfer that will not unhook the bar for tricks. If you do unhook, you can opt for the freestyle kit or the even larger wakestyle kit. For the wave riders who have a harness with a rope, the wave chickenloop is perfect.

  • Versatile kite bar
  • Above the bar depower
  • Single front line safety
  • The quad-bar can be adjusted to 5 lines
  • suicide III ring for easy unhooked kiting
  • Iron heart v
  • Compatible with any four-line kite of 2019 and older

    Duotone Trust Bar 2019

    Duotone Trust Bar 2019

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