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Hydrofoil Aluminium Freeride F-One

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F-One Hydrofoil Freeride Aluminum

The Foil mast from F-One for the Mitu Convertable

F-One also tags along with the Foil kitesurfing trend. This Freeride Hydrofoil mast from F-One is made entirely of lightweight aluminum, which makes it super stiff and of course very lightweight. The F-One Hydrofoil Freeride comes in two sizes, 600 & 800. This indicates the size of the surface of the wing. The more surface, the easier and more stable he rides.

F-One Hydrofoil 800
If you're new to hydrofoil kitesurfing we recommend you choose the 800. The Hydrofoil 800 is very stable and feels like it goes automatically. Perfect for the first few meters on a Hydrofoil and the sweet freeriding feeling you get. In addition, this Hydrofoil 800 is also very good for Foil lessons. The F-One Hydrofoil 800 is made out of aluminum and 90cm high. This allows you to set off quite easily.

F-One Hydrofoil 600
Once you get the hang of it and go well back and forth you can ride and start looking for a Foil that challenges you? Then the Aluminum 600 is a better choice. The Wing is slightly smaller, so you can make a faster turn. This makes the F-One Hydrofoil just a bit more playful.

Hydrofoiling is amazing for the days with hardly any wind. Because of the lack of resistance in the water, it seems like you're floating. The familiar noise you get while kitesurfing is also gone while Hydrofoiling. Hydrofoil kitesurfing is really something else with a lot of fun and will give you a new challenge. Do you have a question about this F-One foil mast or about hydro foiling in general? Just call or email us and we will gladly provide you with the necessary information!

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