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Magma Glove 2.5mm Manera

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Manera - Magma Gloves 2.5mm

The warmest neoprene gloves from Manera

The inside of the Magma Gloves feature the notorious Magma Fleece, known for its great thermal and quick drying properties. While this Fleece is the warmest on the market, the gloves remain super flexible for optimal freedom of movement. The plush loops act as effective insulators and heat generators, while providing a soft feel that makes gloves incredibly comfortable.

A good fit is everything. That is why these gloves are designed in 3D on the computer and then converted into 2D for the factory. This ultimately comes together in warm, water and windproof, durable and comfortable gloves. The stretch is retained well as the neoprene only stretches when you move and the gloves are not annoyingly tight.

  • Magma Gloves 2.5mm
  • 3D Design
  • Magma Fleece +
  • Sizes: S | M | L | XL

    Manera Magma Gloves
    Manera Magma Gloves

  • Size chart Manera Surf Gloves

    Size 1. Glove length in CM 2. Palm width in CM
    S 16 9.5
    M 17.5 10
    L 19 10.5
    XL 20.5 11

    Manera Surf Gloves Size Chart

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