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Foil bagMystic

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Mystic Foil Bag

Boardbag for all your hydrofoil items including foil board!

Taking all your hydrofoil stuff with you can sometimes be a difficult task. Your hydrofoil gear is also often vulnerable during transport. This Mystic Foilbag makes it possible to take all your kitesurf hydrofoil items compact and in a safe way. The Foilbag has a size of 110 x 45 x 15 and is therefore large enough to transport different types of foil boards and hydrofoil masts. If you have a small foil kite you could also put it in this bag.

The Mystic Foil bag is divided into three parts. Each part is separated by a thick layer of padding. There are places in in the bag for your hydrofoil mast, wing and fuselage. With three straps you can secure everything tightly inside the bag. In the top of the Mystic Foil bag you will find three transparent compartments where you can store all your tools and screws. The Mystic Foil bag has a thick padding around it to protect all your precious gear. You close the bag with a strong zipper. The Mystic Foil Bag has a handy shoulder strap and a carrying handle for easy lifting of your belongings.

  • Hydrofoil boardbag
  • Suitable for all your foil gear
  • Mast protection
  • Transparent storage compartments
  • Around padding
  • Shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Sturdy zipper
  • Strong polyester

    Mystic Foil Bag

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