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Kite Pump ExtremeMystic

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Mystic Kitepomp Extreme XL 2019

Extreme kitepomp to be on the water at lightning speed

Would you like to be on the water in no time? Than check out the improved version of the kitepump extreme! This Kitepomp Extreme has a new Flex Hose. This hose is very flexible and more durable than its predecessor. This pump is bigger dam a standard kit pump, so you can pump a lot of air into the kite in one go. This allows your kite to pump super fast and you'll be on the water without any effort. This kite pump extreme is also equipped with a pressure washer so that you can immediately see how hard the kite is. The luxury pump extreme comes with various attachments so you can connect any kite. A very versatile kitepump with leash so that your kite does not blow away while pumping.

  • Mystic Kitepomp Extreme with pressure gauge and leash
  • XL format
  • Fits all valves
  • Flexible hose
  • Includes attachments
  • Top quality
  • Pumps easily

    Mystic Kitepomp Super Flex Hose

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