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Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic

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Mystic Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit

Stylish, warm and flexible wetsuit from Mystic with frontzip

The Mystic Marshall 5/3 with frontzip gives you a super nice combination of warmth and comfort. Mystic has achieved this by making the Marshall 5/3 from flexible M-Flex neoprene. In addition, 50% of the seams are taped with flexible waterproof stretch tape to better keep your body heat in the wetsuit and keeping water out. Orange Fox Fleece inner lining on the chest, back and lowerbody is also providing you with extra warmth and ensures that your body heat is retained longer inside the wetsuit. The panel layout of the neoprene is 5 to 3mm. This means that the Mystic Marshall is 5mm thick on your chest, back and thighs. Where you need a little more flexibility, the Marshall is 3mm thick so you can move easily. The Mystic Marshall 5/3 Frontzip wetsuit is warm enough for kitesurfing through the winter.

This Mystic Marshall 2021 has a zipper on the front, a frontzip. The front zip might be a bit more difficult to put on, but it fits better with your body. The Marshall 2021 has been reinforced on the knees so that the wetsuit will not wear out fast there. Your shins are protected with an extra thick layer of neoprene to ease the pain when your kiteboard hits your shins. At your ankles you will find the famous AquaFlush which ensures that the excess water in your calves can easily flow out of the wetsuit. The Mystic Marshall may be the Majestic his little brother, but is therefore no less comfortable and super nice wetsuit during the fall, winter and spring.

  • 5/3 mm wetsuit
  • Frontzip
  • FoxFleece lining
  • M-flex neoprene
  • 50% flex taping
  • AquaFlush
  • Shin protection
  • Keypocket
  • Including ankle straps
  • Maten: XS | S | MS | M | MT | LS | L | LT | XL

    Mystic Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit

    Mystic Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
    Mystic Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit

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