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Hover Custom 2018 Foil KiteboardNaish

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Naish Hover Custom 2018 Foil Kiteboard

Foil board for the Expert

The Hover Custom boards from Naish have been developed for many kiters who already have foil experience. This board is available in two sizes and is super agile. The deck is compact with a minimal volume. The Hover 112 has a minimalistic design. This small board is intended for experienced to expert foilers and offers superior control in short turns for a dynamic and responsive session. The precise, CNC-cut, closed cell core is packed in lightweight, high-quality glass fiber, which increases durability without making the deck heavier. The dual track system allows you to immediately adjust where the foil is on the board, for a personal touch.

The Hover 138 has been designed to push the limits of speed and feels at home in a race with its slim and narrow shape. The closed cell core is finished with strong fiberglass and offers excellent strength with minimal weight. Its flat, straight rocker and bevelled rails ensure excellent stability. Truly a performance oriented foil kiteboard with which you can go very hard and keep control at all times.

  • High end foil board design
  • Narrow design for extreme modeling
  • Double UD Deck Glass fiber reinforcement increases stiffness
  • Responsive board and minimal weight
  • Full 3D double density Deck Pad
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Ready for the Pro

    Naish Hover Custom 2018 Foil Kiteboard

    Naish Hover Custom 2018 Foil Kiteboard

    Naish Hover Custom 2018 Foil Kiteboard

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