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Orbit 2019 KiteboardNaish

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Naish Orbit Kiteboard

Lightwind kitesurfboard

Do you want to be the first on the water? Then you need the Naish Orbit 2019! The Naish Orbit flies over the water with the lightest breeze of wind. The Orbit is 100% dedicated light weather kitesurfing.

The large surface and flat rocker ensure that the Orbit planes quickly and easy. The double concave in the bottom of the board and the responsive flex give you a very comfortable feeling when you ride the Naish Orbit. The asymmetric outline of the Orbit maximizes the effectiveness up-wind in light weather conditions. With the extra fin on the heelside side of the board you can ride the Orbit flat on the water without losing too much height. The rocker is very flat so you have little drag with the water so you can ride quickly. The Orbit is what you are looking for if you want to ride in light wind conditions!

  • Average flex
  • Optimized light-weather rocker
  • UV protection for color retention
  • New minimalist design
  • Includes fins and grab handle
  • Size 152 X 45

    Naish Orbit 2019

    Naish Orbit 2019

    Naish Orbit 2019

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