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Triad 2021 Kite Naish

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Naish Triad S25 2021 Kite

Super reliable all-round kite for beginner to advanced The Naish Triad has been developed by Naish as a kite that everyone can use. Naish himself says that it is the kite that 99% of the world population can kite with. And that's not a lie! The Naish Triad has many features that make the Triad super reliable, easy to control and a pleasure for everyone!

One of the features that makes the Triad 2021 such a nice kite is its large depower range and easy sheet-and-go. This means that you can simply pull the bar towards you can kite away without steering the Triad too much. Due to the large depower range on the bar, you can easily handle gusts and kite comfortably with ease when the wind increases. This will quickly build confidence when you are kiting with the Triad. As your confidence increases, you can increase your level. The Triad is a kite with which you can easily progress your kitesurf level with when you are just starting out, but also a kite with which you can make jumps with a lot of hangtime and eventually even practice your first kiteloops. Of course, you will steer your Triad into the water once during practice. The relaunch of the Triad is unprecedented. Due to the three struts, the cloth always stays neatly up. The rounded wingtips with the anti-stiction window make a restart from the water a piece of cake.

New for the S25 2021 Naish Triad is the diagonal seam. This seam ensures that the canopy is tighter in the kite for an improved steering behavior and a more stable kite. In addition, the 2021 Triad has a new inflation valve to inflate your Triad even faster. The canopy used in the Triad is the strongest and most durable kitesurf canopy on the market: Quad Tex. By using this canopy, your Triad will remain in good condition for a very long time. All in all, the Naish Triad S25 2021 is the ideal kite for the beginner to advanced kite surfer looking for a friendly, easy to use kite.

  • Allround kite
  • Three struts
  • 4 lines
  • Easy relaunch
  • Easy upwind
  • Large depower range
  • Low V split
  • Quad Tex cloth
  • New valve
  • New diagonal seam
  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge
  • HT LE seams

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