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Navigator Control Bar (with Leaders)North

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For an ergonomic grip and intuitive feel when the control bar is orientated correctly. Adjustable bar size to fine tune the turning speed of your kite. Option of 45-50cm or 50-55cm bar length to match our full range of kites and give the desired amount of leverage. The cassettes on either end of the bar enable the bar length to be extended or retracted by 5cm. Simply pull them out, rotate 180 degrees and snap back into place. Soft bar ends ensure nothing hard comes in touch with you or your board and contain rear line adjustment. Integrated retractable line winder bungee prevents tangled lines when packed up. Bungee retracts when not in use. Spinning handle with custom low-friction washer to unspin your front lines easily. The soft overmold on top of the spinning handle also reduces wear of the EVA grip on the bottom of your bar during tight turns. Customised multibore tubing profile has a symmetrical landing line channel, allowing the landing line/flying line to pass through without snagging, regardless of the orientation when deploying or reloading. Crafted from a patented material specifically formulated for high abrasion flexible applications.

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